Thursday, December 13, 2012

AB 6 week Check-up!

Here is an overview from Anna Bryant's 6 week check up appointmet! She is a very healthy baby!
- You were 10 lbs 12.5 oz (75-90th%) - You were 21.5" in height(50%)
- During this appointment, you got 4 shots and 1 oral vaccine (rotovirus). You only cried a little bit and what crying you did do was weak and pitiful! Daddy had to stand with you because Mommy was too sad
- Dr. C said you might have eczema because you have bumps all over your face and behind your ears. We will check on it at your 4 month appt. It's nothing to stress about right now! - Mommy was worried you might have a tremor, but Dr. C said it is normal to be a little jerky at this age. - You look very healthy!
- You were pitiful for the rest of the day. You wanted to sleep all day and be held. You were also very fussy (the fussiest I have ever seen you!) The next day, you ran a low grade fever of 100.0 )

Anna Bryant 1 month

So I'm behind on this, but I'm going to go back so I can TRY to have monthly posts for AB. Anna B B B.... You are 1 month old! What are you up to?
At 4 weeks: - You are still sleeping most of the day - you eat every 3 hours during the day and we let you wake up when you are hungry at night (usually between 3-4 hours.) You are so fussy when you are hungry!
- Your eyes are blueish gray (Mommy thinks they will be brown/hazel like Daddy's!) - You love bathtime now that you can take a real bath! - You hate to get your diaper changed.
- You are very attached to Mommy (or her boobies)! - You really don't care for a Passy, but will take it for a minute or two.
- You tolerate the swing. - You have smiled at Mommy a couple of times.
At 1 month: - You got thrush on your 1 month birthday! You started taking Nystatin by mouth 4xs a day and started a medicated diaper rash cream for your bad diaper rash! - You are only waking up 2 times at night to eat, usually 4 hours or so apart.
- You are now in size 1 diapers, newborn clothes (they are getting a little tight!). - You don't like to be swaddled but mommy and daddy think you should be (bc sister liked it!) Last night we let you sleep without the swaddle on your arms and you slept great!
- You love to nurse and will do it for about 25-30 minutes every 3 hours (usually eat 8-9 times a day and poop just as much!) - You don't love your Passy but will take it when you are crying.
- you are starting to stay awake more during the day, especially in the morning.
- You have been away from mommy twice! Once when Mommy and Nonnie went to Christmas Village on 10/3/12 (you stayed with daddy and campbell for about 4 hours) and when mommy went to get her hair cut and vote on 10/6/12 (you stayed with Rona for about 2.5 hours.
-You took your first bottle on 10/3/12 from Daddy when Mommy went to christmas village. You took about 3.5 oz.
We love you more and more everyday! You are a blessing to our family and definitely one of the missing pieces to our puzzle (there might be another piece or two missing...)