Thursday, November 22, 2012


Something I was very insistent about was making sure Campbell met Anna Bryant the day she was born! I was already anxious and sad about having to be away from Campbell for 3-4 days (I hadn't been away from her longer than a night!), but was even more nervous about Campbell feeling like she had been replaced. When people would ask me what I was most nervous about, I would always say leaving Campbell!
Clayton and I (mainly me!) spent so much time making sure every detail had been worked out. I had planned out exactly what time she would come to the hospital on my planned c-section day (didn't plan for an early c-section though, whoops!)I had her big sister outfit picked out and pressed, I had purchased her big sister gifts and her little sister gift that she was going to give Anna Bryant... We had even introduced her to the hospital a few times in my prior admissions! To say that I was a nervous wreck is an understatement! Looking back, I had NOTHING to worry about! Campbell did magnificent and has loved everything about having a little sister!
When Campbell first walked into the hospital room, she was very hesitant and just sternly stared at the baby (in true Campbell fashion!) She was very clingy towards Nonnie and Daddy but didn't want to be away from Anna Bryant. After about 30 minutes, she decided she was interested in AB, thank goodness! She loved holding her and showing everyone where her eyes and nose were (with reminders from everyone to "be gentle!")
My parents, who Campbell stayed with the entire time, brought Campbell up to the hospital everyday that we were there. I really think that helped her get adjusted to the new baby without having to deal with being with the baby at home 24-7. By the time we brought Anna Bryant home, Campbell was very aware of the baby and excited about her!
Here are my suggestions to introducing a new baby to a toddler. -Spend lots of time discussing the baby all throughout the pregnancy! -Start doing pretend play with baby dolls while pregnant. When we played, we discussed being gentle, changing diapers, kisses, and holding the baby. -I don't know that the big sister gift was that big of a deal, but Campbell liked giving AB the little sister gift! -Let your toddler come to the hospital a few times so he/she can see Mommy and Daddy holding the new baby. You don't want it to be a surprise when the baby comes home and Mommy and Daddy are spending lots of time with the baby! -Let big sister be involved in as much as possible! Campbell frequently helps me change AB's diaper, takes baths with her, wipes her face, etc.

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