Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Thing Part 1

Now that Campbell is getting older, I am starting a new series on this blog so I can keep up with how funny she is!! 1. Clayton gives Campbell a bath most nights. He obviously has a routine with how he bathes her... At the end of bath time, he gets her to stand up so he can wash her hiney and "j". Tonight (11/22/12), Campbell was in the bath tub and was washing her baby doll while Daddy was washing her. Clayton told her to "wash the baby's hiney." Campbell immediately moved the baby's legs to a standing position, then washed it's hiney... Just like Daddy!
2. We are in the process of figuring out how to discipline Campbell in an effective and meaningful way to her. Our newest technique is timeout. Her timeout spot is the corner in the dining room. When we say, "go to timeout," she knows to go to the corner. The routine of timeout is to sit there for 1 minute (a minute per age), Mommy or Daddy come over and explain what she did, she says "sorry", and then we hug and kiss and say I love you. Well.... Campbell would love to omit the "sorry" part... Instead of saying sorry, she looks anywhere but our eyes and ignores us. Last night (11/21/12), I kept saying, "Campbell, tell Mommy sorry." Finally, she looked straight at me, moved her face as close to mine as possible, and said "NO!" Of course, we both started laughing and the entire timeout process was ineffective.
3. When I talk to Anna Bryant, I guess I have a "baby voice" that doesn't sound like my normal voice. Campbell has started talking to Anna Bryant in this fake baby voice that is a low pitch... It is hilarious! She always says, "Heeeeeeyyyyy baby, heyyyyyy." She can be hysterically crying and we can tell her to say hey to baby and she will immediately stop and talk to AB in the baby voice.
4. Speaking of baby... Campbell only knows AB by baby. I think she thinks that's her name?
5. 11/22/12- This morning, I was getting ready to nurse Anna Bryant. She was in bed with me and Campbell and Clayton were in the kitchen eating breakfast. AB was screaming pretty loud, as she was pretty hungry! Campbell came running down the hall screaming, "Hush baby. Shhh, shhh.. HUSH!!" (in a mean tone).
6. Her new favorite thing is to "pound it" with anyone who will do it with her. The other day while she was fussy, she was crying to me because she wanted to pound it with Ya-ya (Mickey Mouse) on the tv and he wouldn't to it back... Obviously because it was a cartoon.
7. Campbell is learning to count. Her process of counting is use her hand to keep the beat of everyone counting (how we normally use our fingers to show 1, 2, etc.), and say "2, 2, 2... YAY 2!!" I guess her favorite number is 2, haha

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