Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Thing Part 1

Now that Campbell is getting older, I am starting a new series on this blog so I can keep up with how funny she is!! 1. Clayton gives Campbell a bath most nights. He obviously has a routine with how he bathes her... At the end of bath time, he gets her to stand up so he can wash her hiney and "j". Tonight (11/22/12), Campbell was in the bath tub and was washing her baby doll while Daddy was washing her. Clayton told her to "wash the baby's hiney." Campbell immediately moved the baby's legs to a standing position, then washed it's hiney... Just like Daddy!
2. We are in the process of figuring out how to discipline Campbell in an effective and meaningful way to her. Our newest technique is timeout. Her timeout spot is the corner in the dining room. When we say, "go to timeout," she knows to go to the corner. The routine of timeout is to sit there for 1 minute (a minute per age), Mommy or Daddy come over and explain what she did, she says "sorry", and then we hug and kiss and say I love you. Well.... Campbell would love to omit the "sorry" part... Instead of saying sorry, she looks anywhere but our eyes and ignores us. Last night (11/21/12), I kept saying, "Campbell, tell Mommy sorry." Finally, she looked straight at me, moved her face as close to mine as possible, and said "NO!" Of course, we both started laughing and the entire timeout process was ineffective.
3. When I talk to Anna Bryant, I guess I have a "baby voice" that doesn't sound like my normal voice. Campbell has started talking to Anna Bryant in this fake baby voice that is a low pitch... It is hilarious! She always says, "Heeeeeeyyyyy baby, heyyyyyy." She can be hysterically crying and we can tell her to say hey to baby and she will immediately stop and talk to AB in the baby voice.
4. Speaking of baby... Campbell only knows AB by baby. I think she thinks that's her name?
5. 11/22/12- This morning, I was getting ready to nurse Anna Bryant. She was in bed with me and Campbell and Clayton were in the kitchen eating breakfast. AB was screaming pretty loud, as she was pretty hungry! Campbell came running down the hall screaming, "Hush baby. Shhh, shhh.. HUSH!!" (in a mean tone).
6. Her new favorite thing is to "pound it" with anyone who will do it with her. The other day while she was fussy, she was crying to me because she wanted to pound it with Ya-ya (Mickey Mouse) on the tv and he wouldn't to it back... Obviously because it was a cartoon.
7. Campbell is learning to count. Her process of counting is use her hand to keep the beat of everyone counting (how we normally use our fingers to show 1, 2, etc.), and say "2, 2, 2... YAY 2!!" I guess her favorite number is 2, haha


Something I was very insistent about was making sure Campbell met Anna Bryant the day she was born! I was already anxious and sad about having to be away from Campbell for 3-4 days (I hadn't been away from her longer than a night!), but was even more nervous about Campbell feeling like she had been replaced. When people would ask me what I was most nervous about, I would always say leaving Campbell!
Clayton and I (mainly me!) spent so much time making sure every detail had been worked out. I had planned out exactly what time she would come to the hospital on my planned c-section day (didn't plan for an early c-section though, whoops!)I had her big sister outfit picked out and pressed, I had purchased her big sister gifts and her little sister gift that she was going to give Anna Bryant... We had even introduced her to the hospital a few times in my prior admissions! To say that I was a nervous wreck is an understatement! Looking back, I had NOTHING to worry about! Campbell did magnificent and has loved everything about having a little sister!
When Campbell first walked into the hospital room, she was very hesitant and just sternly stared at the baby (in true Campbell fashion!) She was very clingy towards Nonnie and Daddy but didn't want to be away from Anna Bryant. After about 30 minutes, she decided she was interested in AB, thank goodness! She loved holding her and showing everyone where her eyes and nose were (with reminders from everyone to "be gentle!")
My parents, who Campbell stayed with the entire time, brought Campbell up to the hospital everyday that we were there. I really think that helped her get adjusted to the new baby without having to deal with being with the baby at home 24-7. By the time we brought Anna Bryant home, Campbell was very aware of the baby and excited about her!
Here are my suggestions to introducing a new baby to a toddler. -Spend lots of time discussing the baby all throughout the pregnancy! -Start doing pretend play with baby dolls while pregnant. When we played, we discussed being gentle, changing diapers, kisses, and holding the baby. -I don't know that the big sister gift was that big of a deal, but Campbell liked giving AB the little sister gift! -Let your toddler come to the hospital a few times so he/she can see Mommy and Daddy holding the new baby. You don't want it to be a surprise when the baby comes home and Mommy and Daddy are spending lots of time with the baby! -Let big sister be involved in as much as possible! Campbell frequently helps me change AB's diaper, takes baths with her, wipes her face, etc.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Anna Bryant's Birth Day!

Trying to catch up on a few important posts!! Most important, of which, is Anna Bryant's birth day! This is EXTREMELY long and will be boring to most everyone. However, I don't want to forget a single detail of that day!
I was scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday, October 9th. Because I had a c-section with Campbell, my doctor strongly advised me to have another c-section with Anna Bryant to reduce the risk of uterine rupture. Most of my friends and family know how I struggled with this decision because I wanted to have the chance to have a VBAC and try an unmedicated birth. I'll be honest, I was hoping up until the last minute that I would go into labor on my own and just show up at the hospital fully dilated (then I would have to have a VBAC!)
Anyways, on Friday, October 5th I went in for my last, routine appoinment before my scheduled c-section. Just like with Campbell, I had been experiencing spikes in my blood pressure for about 2 weeks prior to this day resulting in hospital admission after admission. While I was getting ready that morning, I remember telling Clayton that today was the day that Anna Bryant was going to be born. I just had that feeling! So much so that I had every bag packed and ready by the door for Clayton to grab if I called him later that day!
So, I checked in the office and did the normal tee-teeing in the cup and waited for me to be called back. Me and the nurse joked about how sad we were going to be that this was my last appointment before AB (since I came every 3 days for a few weeks now!) As she was checking my blood pressure, I remember saying, "It would just make it easier if I had her today so I don't prolongue the sadness." As soon as I got done saying that, she said. "Okay, let's just have her todady!" Haha! My BP ended up being 148/100ish and she knew that Dr. Przybysz would probably just let me have her! At that point, Dr. P came out of her office, asked what my BP was, and explained that she was sending me down to L&D again, but that this would probably be the last time I go! I can't even explain the feeling I had as I walked to the hospital. There is really no feeling like it than the one you have as you are going on your last walk before your baby is going to be delivered. I had so many emotions rushing through me... excitement, anxiety, relief, sadness (that Campbell was no longer going to be my baby anymore), and worry. As I walked to the hospital, I called Clayton and told him to go ahead and leave work. He had quite a few things to do before coming to the hospital, so I wanted to give him as much heads up as possible. I waited to call my mom to get Campbell because there was still that shadow of a doubt that Dr. P would change her mind after all of my labs were run.
Once I got to L&D, I was taken to Triage 2 so they could run the standard labs on me (bloodwork, urine, NST, etc.) I would say that was about 9:00 am that I got the process started. Clayton got to the hospital about 11:00, and things weren't looking good for me to deliver! All of my labs were coming back normal, my BP was normal (like always!), and AB looked great on the monitor. She had a couple of decels but they came up as quick as they went down. I'll be honest, we were both frustrated at this point because we had it set in our minds that today was the day. Plus, my mom had left work early to go get Campbell to make sure she was taken care of. My nurse, at the time, was hinting that I would be going home soon though.
At about 12:30, we had just hung up the phone with my mom telling her that today probably wasn't going to be the day. All of the sudden, 3 nurses came bursting into the triage room and said, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are having your c-section today!" I think they were completely confused when Clayton and I cheered! Dr. P ended up coming down to check on me and decided that AB and I had had enough! The next 30-45 minutes were pure chaos! Clayton left the room to call our families to let them know that AB was coming in less than an hour. I was busy getting prepped for surgery! I had one nurse asking me a million medical questions, one nurse starting my IV, and another giving me heartburn meds, taking off my monitors,and shaving where I missed (I want to remember every part!) **AND BY THE WAY, the nurses all agreed that they would much rather have a patient who was fully shaved than one who lets it all go! Remember that, future mommies!!** In the mean time, Clayton had finished calling the families and ran to the car to go get our bags and put them into my post-partum room. Everything was so rushed that he didn't even have time to take off his suit or tie!
At around 1:00, Dr. P came into my room and said, "It's time!" I was allowed to walk from the triage room to the operating room. That was such a surreal feeling... I really can't put it into words... I had so many emotions running through me! However, I was very calm, was joking around, and no anxiety was apparent (very different from last time!) I walked into the OR and they immediately sat me on the table to get ready for my spinal. This was one part of the surgery I was dreading. Last time, I was experiencing intense contractions while they placed my epidural, so I could care less about the pain of it. This time, I wasn't experiencing any pain at all. However, it was so easy and pain free! I even said, "That was so easy! I can't believe I worried about that!" I really liked the spinal so much better than the epidural. I had no breathing problems and could even move my legs a little bit (although I couldn't feel them.) After that, they started cleaning my belly, giving me oxygen, and finishing up prepping me. Everyone in the room was joking around, which I LOVED!! It made it so light-hearted and took away any ounce of stress. The scrub tech told me that she makes sure that the room stays light-hearted so the mommies and daddies don't feel stressed! She definitely succeeded at her job that day!
At that point, Clayton came into the room, sat down by my head, and the operating sheet went up! Here we go!! I am so grateful Dr. P was able to deliver me this time! It made me feel so reassured that everything would be okay! This was the point that I had an anxiety attack with Campbell's birth, so I did everything possible to keep my mind off of what was going on. I can truthfully say that I had NO anxiety during the operation! After what seemed like 5 seconds, they pulled Anna Bryant out of me and she immediately started SCREAMING!! Her cry was soooo much louder than Campbell's (and still is!) They immediately brought her over to me and let me kiss her, snuggle her, and hold her as best as I could. I felt like this process was so rushed with Campbell, so I was so grateful that I had all of the time in the world. They, then, took her over to the scales to get her stats and get cleaned up. Our big girl weighed in at 7 lbs 6.1 oz and was 21 inches long!! Her APGAR scores were 9 and 9. She was perfect in every way!! Clayton got to hold her as soon as they got done, which was a big difference than last time because he didn't get to hold Campbell for over 2 hours! While he was holding her, she decided to tee-tee all over him, his shoes, and his suit! She must have felt that comfortable with him!! ;) The rest of the time in surgery went by quick. Dr. P and Dr. Damarich (the assisting Dr. and who delivered Campbell) said that everything went great! They also spent a little extra time revising my previous incision scar since it had keloided really bad and was painful to the touch (more on that in another post...)
I got to hold AB as we were wheeled to our room (similarly to Campbell.) However, once we got to our room, AB started showing some increased breathing rates so they placed her under the warmer for a little bit. I was really bummed because I wanted to immediately do skin-to-skin and nurse her. After what seemed like forever (maybe 20 minutes?) my nurse asked if we could try skin-to-skin to try and calm her down (umm yeah!!) She didn't want me to nurse yet, but thought AB feeling me might calm her down. AB had other plans! Although she didn't nurse, she found a nice little patch of skin on my chest to suck on (which left me with a HUGE hickey!!) Her breathing eventually stabled out and she was able to nurse (and was a champion nurser at that!)
Overall, this experience was 100 times better than Campbell's birth story. There was less anxiety and everything seemed to run much smoother. I am completely grateful for each of these experiences though because without Campbell's birth, I would never know what labor and contractions feel like (a huge desire of mine!) I was so worried during this pregnancy that I wouldn't be able to love Anna Bryant as much as I did Campbell. I cried countless nights about this and just felt so guilty. As I look into Anna's eyes now, I laugh with how crazy I was! I love Anna Bryant so much and with every piece of me. It is so true when people tell you that your heart just expands with every child! I don't love Campbell any less that I did and I don't love AB any less! I am so blessed that God is allowing me to love and raise these precious blessings!