Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's try this again!!

Wow.... I really let this blog fall off the face of this Earth! I guess it's safe to say that life got in the way, we had a big family surprise (more on that later!), and blogging just took the backseat. I'll be honest, the thought of even starting blogging again has given me crazy anxiety since all I can think about is how much of Campbell's life I never blogged. So, I'm just going to start from scratch and begin from where we are today! Let's do a quick overview of our life since January.... * On February 1, I decided to take a random pregnancy test because I just wasn't feeling myself. I wasn't sick and had yet to have a period since before trying to get pregnant with Campbell (close to 2 years, yall!) Well, surprise surprise, I was pregnant! I, of course, had no idea how far along I was (not having a period really makes that guessing game hard!) and we were COMPLETELY not trying for another one. I guess I should have listened to all of the rumors of going through infertility the first time and getting pregnant on accident the seccond time. Needless to say, after some tears (on my part) and lots of discussions, we got on board and are thrilled to give Campbell a little sister!!! Anna Bryant Hollinhead is due October 15th, but I am having a scheduled c-secction on October 9, 2012 at 7:00 am! We are anxiously awaiting this bundle of joy and can't wait to see how blessed our lives will be with 2!
*Campbell celebrated her 1st birthday on March 8, 2012! It was such an incredible day and she had so many people celebrate the day of her birth! *Clayton completed his MBA from UAB in May! We were (and still are) so proud of him! *We went to Rosemary Beach, FL with my parents, Galen, Erin (bro's girlfriend), and my aunt. We rented a GORGEOUS house in Rosemary and had the best time! I can't wait until next year with an extra family member! *Clayton was offered an adjunct teaching position at UAB to teach an entry level business class this fall! This is such a blessing to him and our family! Clayton had always wanted to teach, but it just never made sense, financially, for him to do it full time. After graduating from the MBA program, he emailed an old professor expressing interest in helping in any way possible. After 3 weeks, he was contact and was offered the position without an interview! He must have made a great impression! *After I return from maternity leave with Anna Bryant (around the first of the year) I will be working with a new schedule. In order to spend more time with my girls (so weird to say "girls"!!) I will only be working 8 hours a week at Children's (Tuesday and Thursday from 8-12.) The rest of the time, I will be a stay at home mommy! Please say a prayer that I don't go crazy! I am not one to just sit at home and not be productive, so I see many playgroups in our future! I think that gets us caught up! I am going to do an entirely separate post about my big girl, Campbell!!!

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