Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Campbell at 17 months!

I think our little diva deserves an update of her own! So, Cam-a-Lam.... What are you up to these days?
**You want to be so independent these days! This is such a struggle for me and Clayton because she still needs so much help doing things, but she would rather us just back off! Because of this, we like to throw lots of little fits around here! They, typically, don't last too long, but are exhausting nonetheless! **You have become SUCH a good eater! I can officially say that reflux is a thing of your past! THANK THE LORD! Campbell had a GI appointment this past Monday and I cancelled it since she is doing so well! **You are still itty bitty!! We go to the doctor next week for your 18 month appointment, so I'm not exactly sure what your weight is. At your 15 month appointment, you were around 18 lbs 10 oz (not even on the charts). If I had to guess, you aren't quite 20 lbs yet. I hope I am pleasantly surprised and you weigh more! I can't remember what your height was, but you fell in the 25%. I think it is safe to say you are going to be one of the smallest in your kindergarten class! **Your eyes are still as blue as they were the day you were born! I think it's safe to say you are going to be my blue-eyed girl! **You wear a size 3 diaper
**Nonnie recently took you to Sikes for new school shoes (your first pair of Keen's and Keds!!) You are now in a 3.5, but we got you a 4 for the fall. **You are very attached to your passy and your lovies (your blankets.) You especially love to hold your blankets that have satin on them and rub the satin between your fingers. This is necessary when it's night night time! Clay and I have no idea how we are going to get rid of the passy, but are not concerned in the least right now! We will worry about that when you are older (hey, everyone has to get braces these days, right? ) **Your favorite toys right now, by far, are baby dolls! You are so mothering to them! You love to feed them a bottle or some of your snack, point to their body parts, put them in the stroller, and wrap them in blankets. Maybe this will mean you will adjust to having a baby sister easily? One can hope! **You are great at identifying most of your body parts! So far, you can identify: eye, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, fingers, belly button (which you call your baby... Guess we are getting belly button confused with Mommy's pregnant belly!), toes, and your tummy! **Your favorite person is Pop (my dad) who you have now decided to call "Papa." **You LOVE all animals and can make sounds for a lot of them! So far, you can make sounds for: dog, cat, cow, monkey, fish, rabbit, elephant, duck, rooster, bird, snake, skunk, lion, tiger, bear, chicken... I feel like I'm forgetting some!!
**You love to snack and "graze" all day. We are trying to push for you to eat more at meal time, which you do okay with... At least you are eating!! **Some of your favorite foods right now: FRUIT (except for cantelope), turkey dogs, mac and cheese (although you are not about this right used to be a staple!), pasta with Italian dressing, spaghetti/ravioli, cheese, anything sweet (cookies, smoothies, etc.), Buddy Fruits, graham crackers, baked potatoes. **If someone asks you how old you are, you can hold up 1 finger! **You love to dance to any music that'son! You will either wave your hands in the air, stomp your foot, or put your hands on your knees adn bop your booty! **You now have 12 teeth that are all the way through and are currently teething the canine (eye) teeth. I can only feel one, but I bet the others are right behind. Once these come in, all you will have left for awhile is your 2 year old molars! **You are in 12 month clothes or 12-18 months. Regular 18 months are still too big! **You are very girly and LOVE to pretend to put on makeup!! Every morning while I am getting ready, you sit in my lap and pretend to put on blush and lip gloss! You also LOVE to get your toenails painted. It's amazing how still you will sit for me! After we get done painting, we both will sit and blow your toes (although you will continue blowing on them for the rest of the day!!) You also love to carry a purse! **You are FINALLY doing better with keeping hairbows in your hair... for about 10 minutes... **You love playing outside including riding in your wagon or car, playing in the dirt, swinging, drawing with chalk, or feeding Bella treats! **You are still not the best sleeper... You, usually, take 1 nap a day for 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon and sleep from about 7:30-6ish. It is more common than not that you wake up at least once in the night for someone to put your passy back in... However, it has gotten really bad with teething... Daddy has been getting up with you and having to rock you back to sleep for about an hour... Thanks Daddy!!!
**You are off school this week, but next week you are moving up to the Kangaroo class at school! This is a big step because you will no longer be in a "baby" room anymore!! You get to do circle time, go to chapel, you have to wear tennis shoes and socks everyday, and you go to the playground!! You are so big and this makes Mommy so sad!! I think that is about it!! Campbell is at such a fun but challenging age right now!

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