Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 months!

I will get back to Christmas soon, but I didn't want to skip another monthly post! Campbell turned 10 months on January 8th! I am honestly freaking out a little bit that I am about to have a 1 year old. That just sounds so old and makes me feel old. It also makes me really miss having a little baby (not enough to bring a brother or sister into this work right now, haha!) So, Cam.... What are you up to this month??

Campbell's Stats:
-Weight: I have no idea... I can't believe I'm at a point in her life where I am not obsessing about her weight! Campbell has done so good for the past month that I KNOW she has to be doing great. I just can't bring myself to go for a weight check, even though Dr. C told me to.... Maybe this week... Maybe not!

-Height: Don't know this either!

-Diapers: Moved up to size 3! We were having a few too many blow outs.

-Clothes: She is fitting great into 6 month clothes and a lot of her 9 month clothes too! Is it safe to say this baby is FINALLY getting on track in the clothing department! We are letting her wear all of her 6 month pjs one last time before they go into storage and we break out the 9 month pjs!

-Eats: Oh I just can't wait to brag on this little bit! She is now taking 5 bottles a day (she cut out her 8:30 am bottle, which she took at school) and drinks between 25-30 ozs a day. Sometimes a little bit more! We are still fortifying her bottles with extra formula so her caloric count is a lot more than a regular bottle. **We are still having to feed every bottle while she watches some type of video on Youtube.. I think this is just the way it's going to be until we are done with the bottles.** In addition, she eats a fruit baby food (about 2.5 oz) and a vegetable baby food (another 2.5 oz) at school, and then has "dinner time" around 4:00 where she eats only solids. So far, the solids she eats are: cheerios, puffs, pears, peaches, sweet peas (doesn't like very much), carrots (also doesn't love), the skinny breadsticks from Newk's, and applesauce. It has been such a struggle with solids and she, still, throws up with them. BUT we are making progress! I knew this was going to happen (texture aversion... the OT in me knew this was coming), but I was desperately hoping that I would be wrong. Well... she does seem to have some texture aversion but it is getting better. Vibrating teethers, oral massage, consistency.... That is what has done the trick!

-Campbell now has 2 teeth! The bottom front two! As we speak, she is teething like crazy.. drooling and fussing! I can't figure out where this new tooth will be, but it's definitely coming!

-She has done so good at not getting sick for about 2 months now... However, she now has a cold and is feeling like poop!

-At the last, big monthly post, I asked about vitamins. Dr. C agreed that we need to get her on some vitamins because of her poor eating. We have started Tri-Vi-Sol liquid vitamins. We will see at her 12 month appointment if he is happy with her iron count. In terms of other medicine, she takes Carafate 3 x a day and Prevacid 2x a day (although they are no longer making Prevacid so we are having to get the compounding pharmacy to make something similar = VERY EXPENSIVE!) We are also putting Probiotics in her bottles everyday.

-She is still going to see Dr. Nicole (her chiropractor) 2x a week. We truly think this has made the difference in her eating habits.

-We are still having some major issues with Campbell's sleeping patterns. Truly, we are not man enough to let her cry it out. The times we have tried have led to her throwing up and we just don't want to risk it. However, Cam really needs some sleep intervention! She goes down okay in her crib, but then wakes up about midnight and refuses to go back to sleep in her bed. I am SOO tired of having a baby in my bed!!! Any tips??


-Campbell has stood up by herself a handful of times, but no longer will do it. We tried so much that I think we have scared her a little. Almost everyday, we will see her THINKING she is holding onto a table, but instead is holding onto a toy in her hand or her passy. It's only a matter of time before she gets the guts to just stand up and take her first steps!

-She LOVES to read, especially the "My First 100 Words" book. We always flip to the last pages where the pictures of the animal are. I will point out an animal and make it's noise. Eventually, she will point to one and growl, haha!

-Her favorite toy, right now, is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dance and Play Puppy. It, basically, is a robot dog that sings, dances, claps, and moves it's ears. She will stop what she is doing, crawl over to it, and start clapping her hands. If she is really in the mood, she will dance!

-Cam LOVES music!! She will dance and clap whenever she hears a beat! This makes my heart so joyful!! I hope that she will be a dancer one day.

-Another favorite activity around here is to pull up on the windows (we have 5 foot windows all along 2 walls in our den). She will sit there for 30 minutes jabbering away at the neighbor's dog, Greta!

-Campbell also loves to crawl under and through anything. If she's not by a window, you can find her under a table, in a cabinet, or under the coffee table! I think we need to invest in a tunnel for her birthday!

-One, not so great, milestone is her ability to throw a fit!! I feel like we are already going through the terrible twos! If she doesn't get something she wants or we take something away from her, she throws her body on the floor and kicks!

-My mom taught Campbell how to sign "more" in sign language. Seeing as she is not big on food, she will only do this if you are offering her water (especially through a straw!)She is pretty great at it! I will post a video of it later!

-I already kind of mentioned this, but Campbell will growl like a tiger/bear if you start doing it first. She will also do this if you sneeze or cough... guess that sounds like a tiger to her, haha!

-Cam loves to go on wagon rides! She got a wagon from Santa and would go on a ride a few times a day, if you let her. She kicks her legs like crazy and squeals the ENTIRE ride!!

-She has started to HATE to get dressed and get her diaper changed. It's like wrestling with a screaming, crying bear!

-Campbell got some pink, bath foam in her stocking from Santa. I thought that she would LOVE to play with it in the bathtub.... I was so wrong... She started crying the minute she saw it and attempted to climb out of the bathtub... So weird...

-Campbell LOVES other babies and kids! She will try to hug and kiss them if she is close enough. If she's not, she will just squeal and laugh at them. She also loves the babies on her Praise Baby DVD and will stare and smile at them in amazement!

-Campbell is still only saying "Da-Da". Every once in awhile, we will hear a "bye-bye" or an L sound that sounds like "Lordy Lordy Lordy". This is kind of worrying me a little bit, but I am just going to wait until her 12 month appointment to bring it up.

-Her favorite game is chase. It doesn't matter who it is. She will take one look at you and take off. If she doesn't hear you running behind her, she stops and looks at you until you chase her.

-Her eyes are still as blue as ever! She still gets a million compliments a day about them. They truly are gorgeous!!

-She is still obsessed with Bella and Bella could still get a **** about her.

-Campbell still takes 1-2 naps a day. Her morning nap at school is hit or miss. If she doesn't nap at school, then she will take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon (only in my arms... we seriously need some sleep help!) I frequently will pick her up from school and while I am feeding her in the parking lot, she falls asleep.

-Still loves her passy

-Dislikes: getting changed, sleeping in her own bed, her carseat (most of the time), getting her nose suctioned.

We love you Cam!!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Gingerbread House

Well.... Mommy and Daddy's gingerbread house.... I wasn't too happy with this Christmas activity. I wasn't allowed to help or even taste anything!! The only thing Momma and Daddy let me do is take a picture beside the finished product. If this is what making a gingerbread house is about, then FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!

Going WAYY back.... The search is on!

I am determined that I will not forget any of the details of Campbell's first Christmas! So, let's discuss the search for the perfect tree! Keeping with tradition of the past 27 years of my life (maybe give or take a year or two), we headed over to the Vestavia Boyscout Lot for our search. Campbell seemed a little confused on why we were spending time in the middle of a "forest!" We let her crawl around on the pinestraw and she just loved it!(obviously, I have relaxed a little... guess that first time mommy anxiety is gone!)It only took us about 15 minutes to find our tree because both Clayton and I were getting over a nasty stomach bug and were not feeling 100%.

After we put the tree up in the house, it took Campbell about a week to really pay attention to it! After that, she was very excited about grabbing the branches and shaking them! The tree was a blessing for a good month in that we could hold Cam while we were feeding her the bottle and let her play with ornaments and she would eat! This came at a really good time because she went through a period of 2 weeks where eating was next to impossible!

Monday, January 2, 2012

WOW I'm behind!! 9 months

Because my child will be 10 months on Sunday, I am going to do a short 9 month post with her pictures.

Campbell had a her big, 9 month check-up and it probably could have gone better (we are doing GREAT now though!) She had just gotten over ear infections and not eating for over a week, so we didn't have great weight gain....
-Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz (she had lost 2 oz from the week before)- She fell off the growth charts this month, unfortunately.
-Height: 27.5 inches
-Head circumference: I think 14 inches... that may not be right.... I know it was small though

He was a little worried about her weight this month. A funny thing that happened.... The first scale she was weighed on was low on battery power and came out that she weighed 14 lbs 14 oz. We all started to freak out because that meant she had lost a pount in a week. Not 1 minute later, Dr. C comes running in with a new scale saying, "If this weight is true, we have a pediatric clinic code blue!" Thankfully, the scale was wrong!!!

Cam got 2 shots and cried pretty hard (like always). Other than that, Dr. C was really happy with her developmental progress. The main things he wants us to focus on is eating more solid foods (finger foods), encouraging more use of the sippy cup, and continuing to push the formula. One disappointing piece of info from the day was that Cam will not be off of formula at 12 months like we thought. Because of her lack of weight gain, he wants us to continue with formula for awhile to make sure she is still getting adequate nutrition..... Sucks, but we will do whatever we can for Cam!

I will do a long, monthly post next week for her 10 month posts!