Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorites from November... so far

Here are some of my favorite pictures from November!

Can you tell that this girl loves her some Bella?!?

She even loves when Bella is licking all over her face! I think they will be best day.... on Bella's timing!

Okay... So there is a story behind this picture. When I first started decorating for Halloween, I noticed that everytime we passed by this dishtowel that I had hung on the stove, Campbell would start to jabber and laugh out loud. The dishtowel has a witch with green hair on it, who we have officially named Wanda the Witch. So, this picture sums up her infatuation with the dishtowel... I love ya, Cam, but you are a weird child!!

Happy baby!

So, Pop (my dad) thought it would be a good idea to give Campbell her first taste of candy a few weeks ago. He let her suck on a blueberry Tootsie Roll pop at their house. Since then, she has been obsessively trying to get a lick of another one! I took my eyes off of her for one second the other day and look what that Little Stinker found?!?! A BLUEBERRY TOOTSIE ROLL POP!!

Do you think she is proud of herself or what??

Pulling up on a storage box... Told you she will stand on anything!

**3 new blog posts below!!**

Playdate with Will!

Last Wednesday night, Stacy and Will Morris and Aunt Melissa (Echols) helped keep Campbell and I company while Clayton was at class. Will and Campbell have met before, but they were both a lot younger. The minute we got them on the floor together, they were a riot!! There was a lot of hitting too hard, pulling of body parts, and trying to stand up on each other... but they had a great time! I have to say, I think the adults had more fun than the babies!! Here are some pictures from their playdate!

Campbell smiling at Will

Cam is going in for the grab!!

Really terrible picture, but I had to include a shot of Campbell clapping... Will doesn't look very impressed!

And this is when we had to end the fun because Campbell was getting a a little too touchy feely with Will... Hands off the booty, Cam!!!

Favorite pictures from October!

Here are some of my favorites from October!!

LOVE those gorgeous, blue eyes!! This child is complimented on her eyes everywhere she goes!

Cam and Nonnie... They have such a special relationship! Campbell loves her Nonnie more than words can say, and I know Nonnie feels the same way about her!

I love Campbell's face! Nonnie was playing peek-a-boo with her and she was laughing hysterically!

Cam sitting on Daddy's shoulders! She loves anything where she gets to be a daredevil!

This is what happens when Daddy gives a shot at feeding Campbell! One big mess!

But she was oh so happy at being messy!!

One of Cam's favorite toys.... A pretend wand! She got it in her Halloween basket from Nonnie and Pop and she loves to shake it! (and pretend that she is casting spells!)

Campbell in action!


8 months!

Here we go again! I seem to only post monthly, but at least I'm keeping up with the most important stuff. So, what's our Cam-a-Lam doing this month?
**By the way, please notice the change of compliance with our photos this month... Campbell has decided that sitting nice a pretty is overrated!

Campbell's Stats:
Weight- 15 lbs 9 oz!!! She is up over a pound since last month! We have started supplementing her bottles with additional formula (per GI), and it is working wonders!

Height- Don't know!

Diapers- Still in size 2 and I think we will be there for awhile longer!

Clothes- She is mainly wearing 6 month clothes. We can occasionally fit into some 3 month stuff and 3-6 month stuff.

Eats- She has done much better this month with eating!!! I took it upon myself (just call me Dr. Hollinhead) to take Campbell off of most of her medicines. I had this sneaking suspicion that they weren't doing doodley squat for her anymore and that I was just pumping her full of chemicals.... turns out, I was right! She is no longer taking the Bethanechol or Carafate! She is just on the Prevacid right now, which is great for her and our wallets! ;) We still have the occasional projectile vomit (case in point... tonight), but it doesn't seem to bother her.

So back to eating... Campbell is still taking 6 bottles a day, every 3 hours. She eats about 5-6 ounces with each bottle usually totally between 25-28 oz a day. You will see that those numbers don't quite add up... Campbell has decided that she only likes to eat for Mommy and Daddy. School just doesn't cut it in her book. We usually only get 5 or so oz over two feedings with them. Oh well, at least she is eating great for us!
**I have to say, I'm not being completely truthful here. My trick to get her to eat is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or "Yo Gabba Gabba" pulled up on my I-phone. It works everytime ;)

In terms of solids, Campbell is doing really well with them! She eats 2-3 solid meals a day, usually only 2 because we get a little tired around dinner time. So far, she loves all vegetables but peas and likes fruit okay. We DON'T like apples, peas, bananas. She is also doing pretty good with "snacky foods: puffs, biter biscuits, rice cakes.... We are having some problems with textures and when she gets a chunk of food in her mouth. It usually ends up in gagging and puking. No surprise here, to be honest... I figured as much with how terrible eating has been her whole life. However, Cam has figured out that "Mommy don't play that"... She pukes, I wipe her mouth, and we continue on with eating. Puking ain't no thang in this house!

-Speaking of eating, this squirt still doesn't have any teeth! I guess I really don't care one way or the other. A lot of people have told me that babies tend to be healthier if they get teeth later...Hmm..... Totally not true in this house, but the sentiment is appreciated.

-So, speaking of getting sick... We have had an ongoing cold for T-4 weeks now. I think I am going to live in vomit and snot for the rest of my life. However, the NoseFrieda has helped wonders. If you haven't tried out this tool and you are a parent, you are TRULY missing out! We have done everything to get this baby well and nothing helps. Anyone have any recommendations on baby vitamins?

-Cam is still going to the chiropractor, but we are now going only once a week. I'm not sure that her chiropractor agrees with this, but Momma's pocketbook says that's all we are going to get... I kid.... We sort of made the decision together...

-So, we can't go a month without making a visit to Children's Hospital! On Halloween, Campbell decided that candy was for the birds and that she would rather grab Mommy's hair straightener! So instead of going to Rossbridge to trick-or-treat with my parents, we made a trip to Children's Hospital burn unit to get her left fingers (2-4) checked out. Turns out, it was a 2nd degree burn and they just gave us some cream to put on it and told us to follow up in a week. We have since been for a check-up and everything looks great with no scarring, most likely. Here's a picture of the burns at their worst.

-Another great thing about Campbell this month is her sleep regression, YAY! :( I don't know what the heck is going on with this child, but she decides to wake us up most nights 1-2 times and not go back to sleep in her crib. I mean, we could have rocked her for 30 minutes and she is dead to the world. The minute we lay her down in her crib, she is hysterical. Now, I know what you are all thinking... Let her cry it out. Well, seeing as Clayton and I both have jobs that we need to keep we just can't let her scream for hours on end. Oh, and trust me... we have tried it. I gave up after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Any tips welcome because this Momma is about to put the baby in the dog house!

Okay, so let's move on to her developmental milestones!!

-Cam is still doing GREAT crawling... She is super fast and get across a room in a few seconds (hence the burn on her fingers!)

-Campbell is now pulling up on EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. You can set her next to a rabid dog and she is going to try to stand up on it. She now will look at you with a smile and then let go... I guess to see your reaction. Usually she falls and cries and then does it again 10 seconds later... sigh....

-Her teachers really think she will be walking in the next couple of months at the rate she is going with her gross motor skills. I am really hoping she waits a little bit longer! I am not ready for a toddler!

-Campbell's new favorite thing to do is clap! Anytime she hears someone say, "Yay!" she will start to clap. She has also started to clap when she is upset or feels nervous/unsure. It is hilarious because she will stare at you with a sad face while clapping. HAHAH! I am laughing out loud as I am writing this! Another thing she has learn is to clap when someone sings, "If you're happy and you know it." I think they taught her this at school!

-She still loves that pointer finger. A funny thing she does (actually, it's a little weird but gets a lot of laughs from me and Clay): She will hold her pointer up in the air, and then grab that hand with the other hand and bring it to her face... That may not make sense to anyone but Clay and I, but I have to write it to remember it!

-Campbell is now saying "Da-da!" It is the cutest thing ever, but it would be so much cuter if she said "Ma-ma." She also has started saying "ya-ya" (??) and a sound that sounds like "This."

-Campbell had her Santa pictures (thanks Blink Lady!) this month! I was hoping so bad that she would hysterically cry so I could use a crying picture for our Christmass cards... of course, Campbell didn't play along. Instead, she glared at him.. Typical Campbell!

-Speaking of glaring, she decided that she wanted to glare for her school pictures as well! As soon as I get our copies of them, I will post the picture. It's actually hilarious!

-She still has very blue eyes!

-Loves to play peek-a-boo (she will hide under blankets herself if we say, "Where's Campbell?")

-Loves the horsey game, being thrown in the air, rough play, etc.... I think she wants to be a football player.

-Cam is still OBSESSED with Bella! If we go outside, for some reason, and don't go over to see Bella she pitches the biggest fits ever! Bella could still care less about Campbell, but we are working very hard to make her pay a little more attention to Cam. One of their favorite activities to do together is Campbell eating lunch and Bella licking it off of her hands and face.... Yum!

-Speaking of pitching fits, this child can throw a good one! This is accompanied by kicking of both of her feet on the floor.... Isn't she a little young for that behavior?? :) If we say, "No," she laughs hysterically at us.... Oh, she is going to be a fun teenager!

-We still don't nap great. 2, 30 minute morning naps at school and usually one, hour nap in the pm with me in our bed. I need to start putting her in her crib for naps, but I just can't help but want to cuddle with her!

-Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Nonnie, Pop, Bella, drinking out of sippy and big people cups, being bounced on a bed, stroller rides, playing with anything that is not made for a baby, her passy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, DJ Lance Rock on Yo Gabba Gabba, other babies (she loves to manhandle them!)

-Dislikes: sitting in her carseat most of the time, sleeping in her crib, being cuddled if she isn't tired, getting her nose suctioned, apples, peas

I am so excited to experience the holiday season with Campbell this year! It is going to put a whole new meaning on thankfulness! I also can't wait to experience the "magic" of the holidays that you get with having children around! We love you Campbell A!!!