Sunday, October 16, 2011

A journey through baby food

As I mentioned in her 7 month post, Campbell started stage 1 baby foods this past month. I have taken pictures of almost every food she has tried. Here are some of the best ones.... good and bad!!

About to take her first bite of bananas...

Eating rice cereal

After her first bite of bananas... You can't tell, but she hated them!

First time eating carrots, SUCCESS!!


Roll Tide!!!

Since Mommy hasn't stayed up to date on the blog, here is a few picture of me getting ready for GAMEDAY!!!

First time to eat a puff

I decided to see if Campbell would like puffs back in September. She LOVED them!! She only gets 3 at a time, max... but when she gets them, she goes to town! She also works so hard to perfect her pincer grasp! These pictures are from her first experience with puffs: September 24, 2011

August Picture Dump

I have been bad aboud blogging, so here are some important and fun things that happened in August!

Campbell got her first high chair! She is pretty neutral about it. She would much rather eat in her exersaucer or bouncy seat.

Campbell got Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease from school! I know that she is going to catch all kinds of stuff from being in daycare, but it still makes me sad when she gets sick. It's hard to tell in this picture, but her entire body was covered in a rash, including the inside of her mouth!!!

Just some cuteness standing up on the couch. I LOVE this outfit!!!!

A milk-covered face!! This face sums up how she feels about bottles and her milk!

Loving on Mommy! These moments are rare around here, so I love them when they happen!!

7 months!!

This month has come waaayyyy too fast! Campbell is officially closer to 1 year than being born! How crazy is that! I am so late with this post, but at least I am getting it done! What are you doing this month, my precious Cam??

Campbell's Stats:
Weight- On her 7 month birthday, Cam was 14 lbs 3 oz... not a great weight gain. This past Thursday at her GI appt, she was 14 7 oz. Not great weight gain. I attribute it to her being more active... maybe that is just to make me feel better, haha. Anyways, I'm a little confused on percentiles because at the GI, he said she is not on the charts, but I pulled up the CDC charts and she is right on the 10th. I'm just going to go with the 10th percentile!

Height- No idea. I tried to measure her height and it came out to 25 inches, but I truly think she is longer than that because she is not fitting, length-wise, into clothes that fit last month.

Diapers- She is wearing a size 2-3. No one has really heard of that size, but we found it at Babies R Us. It's the size between 2 and 3.

Clothes- Mainly 3-6 month clothes with the occasional 3 month or 6 month, depending if it runs big or small. We are officially out of 3 month sleepers and are only in 6 month!! She has to have grown in height!!!

Eats- I just need to take this question out, for my sake. I hate this question. Last month was GREAT with eating, but the weight gain still sucked. I guess I need to just focus on last month, since this is her 7 month post. I can talk about how terrible this month as been next month, haha. Last month, Cam ate between 4-6 ounces 5 times a day with a small bottle before she goes to bed. She averaged 25ish ounces a day. She also started on all stage 1 baby foods!!!! So far, they are pretty much a success story! THANK THE GOOD LORD. The only thing she doesn't like is bananas, which was pretty tangy in my book. Everything else she loves! We use Earth's Best Organic baby food and I make some. She has tried: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, pears, the little puffs finger snacks, and organic teething biscuits. We also tried avocado, but Mommy didn't mush it up enough... that led to gagging and projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE!! I'm hoping that the whole texture issue won't be a problem for her and that this is normal (to gag with lumpy foods.) This past month, she only ate one meal a day (around 5:30). My goal for the next month is to do 3 solid meals a day with the same amount of formula.... We are trying to fatten this baby up!

-We are still going to the chiropractor 2 times a week. I think it helps her a lot and Dr. Nicole gives us great ideas about enzymes to add to her bottles to help with some belly issues. We are now adding probiotics to one bottle a day, Lact-enz to every bottle, and are supposed to start adding Fish Oils to every bottle as well. I haven't started that yet, but need to.

-We went to GI this past Thursday for an emergency visit because we had switched one of Campbell's medicines. We took her off the Bethanechol because it didn't seem like it was working and put her on Baclofen.... Well, it turns out that Cam is most likely allergic to the Baclofen because she had a terrible reaction to it. After giving it to her, she didn't wake up for almost 5 hours... The dose we gave her really wasn't even a therapeutic dose and Dr. Cavender explained that such a low dose shouldn't result in any lethargy. So, we are now back to Bethanechol (he think the refill we got was bad.) He has also suggested we fortify all of her bottles with extra formula. So we are adding 50% more formula to each bottle, but keeping the water amount the same. That way, if she eats a 3 oz bottle, it's like she is eating a 6 oz bottle. Hopefully, that will help with weight gain. He is also the one that wants us to start giving 3 solid meals a day. Finally, we are back to thickening our bottles with 1 T of rice cereal per 2 ounces to help with the spitting up. His most important suggestion was for Clayton and I to take a day for ourselves once a week to keep our sanity, haha. My mom has graciously offered to take Campbell one day a week (for the day) and let us just do something other than feed her or worry about feeding her. I really think this is going to help our sanity. *Just being real here, we are very tired and frustrated, which leads to us being short with each other, Cam, and others. A little "me" time will do the trick, I think!!**

-Cam had 3 more vaccinations on her 7 month birthday: The 2nd flu shot, the Hep B, and IBV. She did really well with no adverse side effects. She was supposed to get the Prevnar vaccine for meningitis and ear infections, but they were worried that she didn't weigh enough. So we have put off that vaccine until her 9 month appoinment in December.

-I never posted about the sweat test results for Cystic Fibrosis. SORRY!!! Thank goodness, they were negative and she is not at risk for having CF! Clayton and I both agree that we can handle a little reflux, as long as we don't have CF!!!

-Campbell is officially crawling!!!!!! Who knew that this itty bitty baby would be crawling so dang early?!?! She had been army crawling for well over a month or two, but we are officially crawling now. Her belly never touches the ground and she is really moving her hands! She isn't the fastest crawler, but I am actually appreciative that I don't have to chase after her yet!

-Campbell has started pulling up to stand on things! Once she pulls up, she frequently lets go, haha!! We need to still work on this!

-Still no teeth!! I think she is going to look like a grandma forever!

-Eyes are still very blue!

-No mimicking consonants yet. Just screaming, squealing, and laughing!

-This baby is VERY ticklish, especially on her tummy, sides, and under her arms!

-Campbell's trademark hand position is having her pointer finger sticking out straight. If you look at 75% of her pictures, one or both of her pointer fingers are sticking straight out! I actually think this is a little weird....

-Cam can now sit independently and for long periods of time!

-Campbell's favorite toy is her Cabbage Patch Doll. Almost every morning, we hear her over the monitor cooing and squealing at her baby! When we go into her room, she has the doll's face in her mouth and is playing with the little curl on top of it's head. It is really hilarious!!! We think she is trying to kiss her baby!

-Her favorite "person" is still Bella! She gets so excited everytime she sees her and LOVES to sit and pet her. Bella even got a little too excited one day and stepped on Campbell's face leaving a bruise... Campbell, obviously, hasn't help any resentment against Bella!!

-Napping still isn't Cam's strong point. 1, 30 minute nap in the AM and usually 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon after I get her.

-I am blessed to be able to have cut my work hours even more this month!! I now only work 8-12 everyday!! I think these are the best hours because it gets me going in the morning, I feel productive, but I still get to be a SAHM for the majority of the day.

-Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Nonnie, Pop, Bella, Toonie (her cabbage patch doll), baby food, stroller rides, her passy, her lovies, our cellphones, cups (with or without drink in them), dancing, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I know I shouldn't let my baby watch tv but it helps me get ready in the morning)

-Dislikes: Bottles, avocado and bananas, carseat, getting suctioned

We love you so much, Cam-a-lam!!! You have made our lives so much better and rewarding!!