Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our First Father's Day!

Clayton had a great first Father's Day! We all got to sleep in late, thanks to sweet Campbell! We were going to try and make it to 11:00 church, but Campbell had other plans! She was fussy off and on all morning and we just didn't think the congregation would be happy with a crying baby! So instead, we opened Daddy gifts, spent great quality time together, and went and ate with Nonnie and Pop at Michael's Steakhouse (yum!!) It was a really laidback day, but Campbell wasn't feeling her best. Here are some pictures to document the day!

Campbell and I made this Christmas ornament with her handprint at Do-It-Yourself Crafts in Homewood! The people there were SO nice and helpful! I think it turned out great!

Clayton reading one of his new "Daddy and Me" books to Campbell! Campbell loves to be read to, so it was the perfect gift for both of them! Plus, we were so bored of the books we already have! We read a couple of books to her every night before bed, so the books get a little boring after the 100th time you have read them, haha!

All of Daddy's gifts! He got 3 new "Daddy and Me" books, the handmade ornament, a handmade coffee cup, new sunglasses holders, and a new bathing suit for our 4th of July beach trip! Campbell stuck her passy in for the pictures because she loves it so much and just HAD to have it photographed. Silly Girl!

This is the coffee mug that Campbell made for Clay! Aren't her little feet print adorable! Once again, this was made at Do-It-Yourself Crafts! Awesome place!

Happy 1st Father's Day, Clay! We are so SO SO SO SO blessed that you are the Daddy in our family! I don't know what Campbell and I would do without you! From day 1, you have volunteered (and actually want to!) change diapers, feed Campbell, play with her, put her to bed, bathe her, hold her, go to her doctor appointments, clean up her many spit up incidents, and love her better than anyone! I am such a lucky wife to have such a hands-on husband who takes on so much responsibility (as I sit here and type, you are giving Campbell and bath, giving her her medicine, feeding her her last bottle, and putting her to sleep!) We love you so much!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Random May

Here are some random pictures of Campbell from May!! Just wanted to do a picture dump!

Loving bathtime, as always!! My favorite time of the day!

Tummy time!

Daddy and me waiting on my bottle to warm up before bedtime! Can you tell that Daddy is super tired? (The story of our lives now, haha!)

I love sleeping in people's arms... Actually, I will rarely take a nap if I'm not being held!

Mommy giving me kisses! I sure do get a lot of kisses from Mommy and Daddy! Sometimes, I will give them a "Yuck" face when I'm not in the mood for them! Other times, I will open my mouth really wide and give them a "wet kiss" right back!

Tests at Children's South

We had the GI tests on Wednesday, June 15th at Children's South. I thought I had prepared myself for how rough the tests were going to be, but I really wasn't able to fully grasp just how much Campbell's pain and sadness really affect me! Campbell is obviously a very loved girl because her Mommy, Daddy, and Nonnie all accompanied her to her doctor appointment at 7:15 in the morning! Here are some pictures BEFORE all of the TORTURE, haha! She was in such a good mood before everything started!

Once we were called back, Campbell had the full abdominal ultrasound. This really wasn't bad at all and it really never phased her. All we had to do was stick her passy in her mouth, and she was very entertained at just watching the ultrasound tech do her job! Good news with this test! They found no structural abnormalities or blockages! What a huge praise! This means no surgery for Cam-a-Lam!

This is Campbell getting her ultrasound. I didn't take any pictures after this because I was crying, haha!

Next up was the Upper GI test... This is when things got rough. This test involves the baby lying on her back underneath an x-ray machine. The baby drinks the barium, which shows up on the x-ray. That way, the ultrasound tech will know if the baby is refluxing or aspirating while or after she is drinking. When we got in there, we stripped Campbell to her diaper. They, then, informed us that they had to restrain her, which I was not prepared for!!! The leg restraints didn't seem to bother her, but they had to restrain her arms above her head... Oh did Cam get mad! I really think it was all downhill from there. While she was restrained, they laid Cam on her back underneath the x-ray machine and forced a bottle of barium into her mouth. I'm sorry, but what baby eats flat on her back?!?! Campbell was having none of it and was hysterically crying, real tears and all. All of the sudden, the bottle burst all over her face, in her eyes, etc. This just completely upset her to the point that we had to stop the test for a little while so I could calm her down. I will admit, I was crying like a baby at this point (and I think Clayton shed a few tears.... shhh... I didn't tell!!) Finally, we laid her back down and she just gave up and drank about 1/2 ounce of the 2 ounce bottle. Very quickly, it was evident that she had reflux in that all of the liquid came up and out her mouth like a volcano!

The end verdict is that Campbell has Grade 4 out of 5 reflux... So pretty significant reflux. I am so happy there are no surgical issues, but now the journey begins with trying to find the right "fix" for her reflux. Dr. Cortopassi called us after he had spoken with a pediatric GI doctor, Dr. Cavender, and Campbell will begin taking Bethanechol 3-4 times a day on top of the Zantac 3 times a day. We will try this for 2 weeks, then Campbell will have an appointment with the GI doctor to monitor her progress. PLEASE pray that this is the solution for Campbell! I really feel like her pain is getting worse by the day, so we need a solution FAST!! Thank you, everyone, for all of the prayers on Wednesday. They were very much felt!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Update on Cam

So, today we went to the doc for Cam's update for her reflux. Today, she weighed 10 lbs 9 oz, meaning she has gained about half an ounce a day. Dr. C explained that they like to see a gain of 1 ounce a day. So, Campbell isn't quite meeting that. After discussing all of her reflux issues including the vomiting, crying, refusing to eat, etc. Dr. C decided that Campbell needs further assessment. So...... on Wednesday, Campbell will be getting a full ultrasound of her abdomen and an upper GI (swallowing barium under an x-ray) to see what is going on in that belly of hers. If they find a blockage, then she will be referred to a surgeon asap. If there is no blockage, she will be referred to a pediatric GI doctor. Either way, we are getting something done about this horrible reflux!!! Both Clay and I are nervous and anxious about Campbell undergoing these tests, but honestly... we are just relieved that something new is happening. We have felt like nothing right has been done for Cam and now, hopefully, we can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Please keep Campbell in your prayers on Wednesday morning in that we finally find the problem!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Campbell's and Grandpa

Campbell FINALLY got to meet her Grandpa, Clayton's Dad, on Saturday, May 21! We were so happy for her to finally meet him! He was enamored with her and held her the whole time he was visiting. Here are some pictures of them together.

Our little B Girl

In the spirit of my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, Campbell decided to dress up in her B Girl outfit... She has been doing lots of head spins with that beanie on!

3 months!

I can't believe it, but our Cam-a-Lam is 3 months old (as of Wednesday, June 8th.) So, what are you up to this month, Campbell?

Campbell's Stats:
**Weight- 10lbs 4 oz... 5th Percentile- We are actually going back to the doctor on Monday (tomorrow actually) for another weight check. We went to the doctor on Monday, June 6th to get a weight check so we could up the dosage for her reflux medicine. Unfortunately, she had only gained 7 oz since her last doctor appointment and they were unhappy with that. So, we go in tomorrow to see what they say. I'm actually a little nervous about the appointment. Her reflux has gotten so bad and she really hates to eat. She typically projectile throws up (not just spit up... it's ALL of the contents of her stomach) at least one time a day. I feel so sorry for her because her little throat just burns all of the time, I'm sure. I'll keep everyone updated with the weight issue. I just want our little peanut to gain some weight! No one ever talks about their baby being in the 5th percentile (maybe no one is ever in the 5th percentile... which makes me even sadder.)
**Height- No clue... I'll ask them to check that tomorrow. Clayton and I think she has gotten much taller!
**Diapers- Finally a size 1!! She is wearing Pampers size 1, so I would bet that the Huggies would be too big. We have 3 boxes of Huggies that are waiting to be tried out!
**Clothes- We are still squeezing Cam into some newborn clothes, but for the most part they are too small. Newborn dresses fit great, but sleepers are too short. We are going to the Carters outlet this weekend to stock up on some 0-3 month and 3 month sleepers. Right now, she fits best into 0-3 month clothes. Nonnie accidently put her into a 3 month bubble and it was WAY too big!
**Eats- This is such an inconsistent part of Campbell. Right now, she is OFFERED 5 oz of breastmilk every 3 hours with 4-5 teaspoons of rice cereal. Very rarely will she eat all 5 oz. About 2-3 times a day, she will eat 4.5 oz and the rest of the time is somewhere between 2.5 and 4. I think this inconsistency has everything to do with her reflux. Her goal is to eat 20 oz a day at a minimum.... Some days we meet this with a couple of ounces to spare and sometimes we don't quite make it....Sigh.... All I can say is, thank goodness I am a milk producing machine or I would be really upset about frequently throwing out 2-3 ounces every time she eats!

So what else?!?!

- Campbell is currently on Axid for her reflux and takes 0.7 mL 3 times a day. We recently increased this dosage from 0.8mL 2 times a day. So far, this medicine as SUCKED! If anything, I think her reflux has gotten worse. So, guess who won't be taking Axid after tomorrow, haha! I'm going to ask if we can try another medicine, probably Zantac. I have heard many success stories with this medicine. Any one have any suggestions out there? PLEASE!!!

- Campbell is still such a happy baby when her reflux isn't acting up. She LOVES to talk to you and smile really big with her mouth open. Up until recently, she had a different smile for Clayton and I. Clayton said that she smiled at him like she was flirting and would almost hide her head like she was embarrassed. He said that when she would smile at me, she looked like she was enthralled or facinated with me. Now, she does the same smile for both of us (the facinated smile.) She will do this with her Nonnie too, but usually not anyone else. She will smile at other people, but not the same at us!

- She has laughed 1 time and we haven't heard her laugh since then. She laughed while we were on our family vacation to Nashville a couple of weeks ago (more about that later!) She is so close to doing it, but can't figure out how to make that sounds again!

- Y'all are going to think I am crazy, but we think she is getting a little bit of stranger anxiety. We noticed it the first time she met the lady that is keeping her for July and August. Her husband started talking to Campbell and she poked her bottom lip out and screamed. She NEVER cries like that! She has done it a couple of other times to people she doesn't know. At this point, it can't be a coincidence! I thought stranger anxiety didn't start until around 6 months, but this baby definitely as it!

- Her head control has gotten much better and she is rarely "wobbly" when we hold her. When she gets really tired, it will start to flop.

- Campbell still loves tummy time! She is now pushing up on her arms, not just raising her head. While she is proppped up on her arms, she kicks her legs like crazy. I don't think she is going to crawl anytime soon, but she sure is getting strong to prepare for it!

- Campbell rolls from her tummy to her back all of the time now. We have to repeatedly put her back on her tummy if we want her to have tummy time. She still looks a little shocked when she rolls over, haha!

- Campbell loves her mobile and the hanging toys on her bouncy seat. She coos and talks to them all of the time. It is soo cute!!

- I went back to work on Tuesday, May 31st. No one can prepare you for the sadness that you will experience when you go back to work. The first week was TERRIBLE!!! I cried every day on the way to work and would start crying the minute I would walk in from work! In between, I was okay. It is definitely getting a little easier, but I still wish I was at home with her. Right now, I am working Monday through Thursday 8-3 and Friday 8-2:30. I actually talk to my boss on Friday about starting to work everyday until 12. I have to wait until the summer is over, but I will be doing this soon! Thank goodness!! Eventually, I will probably only work Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs... but right now, I have patients from other states booked out until March that have to come every day.

- For the month of June, Campbell is staying with my Mom. This has made going to work a million times easier!!

- In July and August, Cam will be going to Mountain Top Day School M, W, F and has a nanny T, and Th. After Labor day, she will be only going to Mountain Top.

- Campbell has recently started chewing and sucking on her hands. We can't figure out if she is trying to get to her thumb or is just satisfied with her whole fist. On top of that, she is drooling like crazy. I know it's developmentally appropriate for babies to start drooling about now, but hers is like a fountain! My mom thinks this is because of the reflux and it is hurting her to swallow so much maybe?!?

- Likes: Campbell still loves bathtime, sitting in the carseat, tummy time, being held, being in the Baby Bjorn, being outside, swinging with Mommy or Daddy in the porch swing, being talked to, watching tv (haha, whoops!), getting her diaper changed, being swaddled, her Soothie passy

-Dislikes: her swing, eating, taking her medicine (this is her #1 hate!), strangers, not pooping for a couple of days (normally this child is like clockwork!), Nuk passy

We LOVE you so much, Cam-a-Lam!! Daddy and I say all of the time that you have made our family so much better! Not only do we have so much love for you, but you have made us fall in love in all new ways. You are perfect in every way to us!!!