Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Girl!!!

Campbell's first experience with the bumbo chair (4-23-11)! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!!

Easter 2011

Easter was so much fun this year with a little bit to share it with! I said to Clayton, at some point yesterday, that holidays are just so much more special and meaningful with a child!

Our little family after church. I love the beautiful cross that our church does! We meant to bring some flowers to add to it, but forgot... Campbell did great at church this Sunday. She did coo a little bit during the prayer, but mostly slept. This was actually her second time at church, so maybe she was used to it!

Nonnie and Pop came to church with us today. Of course, Pop was not in any pictures because he HATES to take pictures!

Clayton and Campbell at our house after church. She looks so little here!

Mommy and Cam

Cam and her first Easter basket! I guess she wasn't too happy with what he brought her, haha!

Doesn't she look beautiful in her Easter dress?? I know I went out of control with the bow, but who can resist a good, southern girl in a HUGE bow!!

The Easter bunny brought Cam her first pair of sunglasses, although they are a little big! Maybe they will fit by summer.
**Thanks Aunt Lilly for my passy holder/lovie!! I LOVE to pet the bunny while I'm being rocked!!

Nonnie, Pop, and Campbell with her TWO, YES TWO Easter baskets from them!! Can you say spoiled? Clayton and I were talking about this yesterday and said that you can tell she is the only grandchild on my side of the family! Everything is all about Campbell! Our second child probably will get no attention! After church, we went to my parents house for an Easter lunch with my grandparents. I love getting together with family, and having a yummy meal doesn't hurt either!

A close up of all of the goodies from Nonnie and Pop! She got lots of great, bunny books, a bottle cleaner, bunny ears, and a new swaddle. Our two favorite gifts were the year zoo passes and her add a pearl necklace! Nonnie and Pop did just too much!

Here is a close up of her beautiful add a pearl necklace. Our goal is that she will get a pearl for all of her special holidays and birthdays. By the time she is 18, she will have a full, pearl necklace!

We had a great Easter! Most importantly, I love that our family was able to rejoice in the resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. All of the fun, spring activities are great fun, but it is so important to remember the reason why we are celebrating. We made sure to read Campbell a child-version of the Easter story! She always seems to be so happy when we sing hymns and discuss Jesus with her. I tell her that she is so happy to talk about Him because she just left his lap a short 6 weeks ago! Hope everyone had a happy Easter!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some firsts at 5 weeks!!

So, not sure if anyone noticed...we didn't get around to a 5 week post. No reason at all except I just didn't do it! I will definitely get her 6 week picture up for tomorrow!

So, last week was memorable for Campbell for a few reasons! Let's share each with the help of pictures!

1. Campbell FINALLY lost her cord stump!! FINALLY!!! She lost it on April 12, 2011.

I have to say that this was more memorable for me than Campbell. That thing was STINKING!! I mean, what baby loses his or her umbilical cord at 5 week?!?! That nasty thing is supposed to fall off at 2 weeks. Campbell just wanted to stay attached to her Mommy as long as possible, haha. Her belly button is still oozing a little bit and it bled for the first day.

2. Campbell smiled at Mommy for the first time ever! She smiled at me while I was "baby talking" to her on April 12, 2011 (notice this is the same day that her cord fell off! She was all about making memories that day!) This was the sweetest moment since I had her. I was talking to her right after she woke up from her morning nap and she just smiled and smiled at me for over 5 seconds! I couldn't stop crying and had to call Clayton at work... Of course, he was jealous!
**Campbell smiled for the first time at Daddy today, April 18, 2011.**

3. Campbell finally had her first real bath on April 13, 2011!

You can't give a baby a real bath until his or her cord falls off. So, we have been dying for that nasty thing to fall off her belly! I know she is just a baby and isn't "dirty", but it is really hard to get the sour milk out of all of the rolls and crevices with just a sponge bath! She was a little unsure at first, but warmed up to the bath really fast! She just sat in the warm water, chilling! She actually got mad once we took her out! So funny, because she has HATED sponge baths!!

4. Campbell had her first poopy diaper explosion (and on Mommy!) on April 13, 2011.

Thank goodness she was able to have her first real bath! No other explanations are necessary, haha!

5. Campbell FINALLY got to meet her Uncle Galen, aka "Uncle G"!

Galen lives in St. Louis, so it is super hard for him to make it back to Alabama very often. He flew in on Friday, April 15th (after his plane being delayed for 4 hours!) It was love at first sight! She couldn't stop staring at him and he couldn't stop gushing over her! It was a really fast trip for him, but I am so glad they got to meet each other before he leaves for 3 months for Europe!

6. Campbell meets the Easter Bunny for the first time!

Campbell had her picture with the Easter Bunny at Brookwood Mall on Saturday, April 16, 2011. In true Campbell style, she slept through the whole thing, haha!

So, you can see that 5 weeks was a busy week for our growing girl! Can't wait to see what week 6 brings!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picture Post

Just wanted to put up some recent pictures of Campbell over the past couple of weeks! Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

4 Weeks and 1 month

Campbell's 4 week shots! She wasn't as cooperative this time around, haha! However, please notice the HAIRBOW in her hair!!! I am so excited that I can finally fit in a bow into her hair. This baby will have a bow in her hair all of the time, so I'm glad we can start early!

Seeing as I am a week behind on posting this, I will just combine the 4 week and 1 month post. Oh my goodness, I can't believe my baby is already 1 month old! That sounds so big to me! Time has gone by so fast with her and it has just been the most incredible experience ever!

So what is Campbell up to?
-She is no longer the perfect, laidback baby, haha!! We are trying to decide if it is gas, reflux (which is what is most likely the culprit), or just a fussy baby. She still sleeps a good bit and will just stare and take the world in. However, she can scream like nobody's business! Throw that in with some projectile spitting up, arched back, flailing arms, and holding her breath I think we have a refluxy baby. We have been trying to keep her sitting upright while feeding her and after for awhile, which seems to help. Hopefully, we will get some more answers at her 6 week doctor appointment next week!

-She is so much more alert! She LOVES staring at the light and will stop crying immediately if she catches a glimpse of it. One of her favorite positions is to lay flat on her back in the middle of our bed and stare at the lights on the ceiling fan. So funny!
-She is getting better head control and frequently tries to lift it off my shoulder while I'm holding her. Tummy time has paid off!

-She is starting to occassionally eat 3.5 oz instead of just 3. BUT she does like to throw us off by only eating 2.5 oz at least once or twice a day. I'm wondering if this has to do with the reflux??

-Campbell had a big first this weekend! She went on her first out of town trip!! Clayton was in one of his best friend's weddings in Eufaula, AL this weekend. She did AWESOME on both the trip up and down. We only stopped once on our way to Eufaula and ZERO times on our way home (this is over a 3 hour trip people! YAY CAM!!) Campbell didn't actually attend any of the wedding festivities, but she was there in spirit! Clay's mom and sister came and stayed with her in the hotel room while Clay and I went to all of the events. Thanks Grandma and Aunt Alison!

-While we were in Eufaula, Campbell slept 6 hour stretches both nights!! We were both completely shocked and scared at first because this is NOT normal for her (and still isn't... I guess that is only for vacation, haha!) When we woke up and realized that it had been 6 hours, we both were afraid to look in her bassinet. Thankfully, she was still sound asleep! Clay and I woke her up though!! She probably would have slept so much longer!!
-This really should be under the next post, 5 weeks, but today Cam laughed out loud for the first time. Yes, it was in her sleep, but it was soooo funny to hear! I can't wait until she starts smiling at me!!

-For some bad news..... Campbell, unfortunately, has acquired some baby acne. It's not the worst case I have ever seen, but it sure makes this Momma sad to see! Dr. C said to let it be and not touch it, which is so hard for me to do. Hopefully, this will go away asap!!

I think that is everything new I can think of! Campbell is SOOOO excited for this weekend because she is going to meet her Uncle Galen for the first time! I know that her and Uncle G are going to be great friends! She is also going to meet the Easter bunny for the first time! Pictures will definitely follow of all these fun events!