Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Shower 2, 1/9/2011

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures from my first baby shower! I am trying to get a certain friend (DANA) to send me some from that shower. Until then, I will wait to write about it!

Today was my 2nd baby shower! I have been so excited about this shower for so long! It was thrown baby a few of my great friends: Maribeth Andino, Jean Marie Geohagan, Chelsea Woods, Anne Walker, Lauren Tirgrath, and Melissa Echols. It was held from 3:00-5:00 pm at Chace Lake Club House in Hoover, AL. Chelsea lives in this neighborhood and it was the perfect setup for a small shower! Unfortunately, the weather resulted in not as many guests and we were hoping for, but we still had such a great turnout! These girls thought of every detail down to onesie decorations, cute shower games (guessing my belly circumference with yarn and unscrambling baby words), and WONDERFUL food! I am so blessed to have such great friends that want to celebrate our sweet Campbell's upcoming birth! I will let the pictures do the explaining on how beautiful everything turned out.

The BEAUTIFUL (and yummy!) food table!

Cute onesies that were used as decorations... and will be worn by Campbell!

My friends know me so well! My cake was a strawberry cake from Ashley Mac, my FAVORITE cake in the world... No one makes a cake better than Ashley Mac. NO ONE!

All of the generous gifts from friends and family!

Wonderful Swaddle blankets from my coworker, Kinnery. Kinnery is due less than a week after me, so we are experiencing all things pregnancy and working as a therapist together! We are also taking all of our childbirth classes together right now! These are supposed to be the best swaddle blankets ever!

A beautiful Feltman Brothers outfit from Melissa Day, who is having her first baby (a girl, Ella Grace) in less than a month! Campbell will look so pretty in this at church and other special occasions!

Great bath stuff from Lindsey Ford!

How cute is this monogrammed dress from Aunt Melissa? Campbell will be styling with so many great clothes that she has received!

A gift for Clayton! His diaper bag! Thanks Margiean, who is another one of my great coworkers!

An adorable hooded, lamb towel from Aunt Dana!

Our playmat from a great high school friend, Tracey! Campbell will definitely get much needed tummy time on this mat to help build her neck and upper body strength (do I sound like an OT or what?!? ;)

The incredibly thoughtful hostess gift, our car seat! Campbell can finally ride in the car with Clayton and me!

Our BOB stroller from Mom, Dad, and Galen! They have already done so much for us and Campbell, so this was a huge blessing from them!

Mom, aka. Nonnie, and me!

Me and the wonderful hostesses! Thank you all so much! I am very blessed for y'alls friendship!

Me and some of the guests! We are missing a few due to the weather (and needing to get home asap!)

We are so blessed to have received so many incredible gifts! Our BOB stroller, Peg Perego carseat, so many cute outfits, bath sponge mat, 3 hooded towels, bath toys, washclothes, a rubber duckie water temperature gauge, Clay's diaper bag, two travel changing mats, engraved bottle identifiers, name labels, swaddle blankets, play-yard mat, bibs, first year momento calendar, baby toys, and lamb sound machine!