Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on Baby Cam Cam!

I went to the doctor this week for my 26 week checkup and received TONS of great news!!

Everything is still looking great with Campbell. Her heart rate was 150 and she was moving and kicking like crazy throughout the whole appointment. Dr. P thinks she is breech right now, but not too worried about it. **I am not either! I think she is constantly flipping into different positions because I feel her kick in completely different places throughout the day!**

My cervix is still long and closed. To be specific, my length is 5 cm, which has increased from when I was admitted (it was at 4 cm) YAY!!! This is a huge praise because she said I am as long as I can possibly be. And get this GREAT news.... In her professional opinion, she doesn't think I will deliver early at all!!! What an incredible Christmas gift to our family knowing that our baby most likely will not be a premie!! I am still having frequent contractions, but the Terbutaline stops them very quickly. Dr. P thinks I might just be a "contractor" that isn't making any progress. Hopefully she is right! (And hopefully this will not be the trend for when it's time for her to be born!)

Another big praise was......... I passed the 1 hour glucose test... Meaning I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes!!! YAY!! I can eat what I want for Christmas, haha! I was for sure that I had GD because I consistently have sugar in my urine and my blood sugar has been a little high; however, I'm in the clear.

The only not so good news was my blood pressure was very high for me at 130/80 (normally, I'm in the very low 100's/60ish....) I explained that I was very anxious
for this appointment, so that could be the cause of the high BP.

Overall, everything was great! We are so ready to meet our baby girl, but want to meet her when she is a little fatter and more developed. Hopefully this will be what happens.

I'm going to update soon with pictures of Campbell's nursery, which is still a work in progress, my 27 week belly, and other things! I hope everyone is having and will have a blessed and enjoyable Christmas! I know we will!! We are leaving on Sunday for Gatlinburg and Boone, NC for a week with my family. We can't wait!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Much prayers needed....

I know it's been so long since a good update, but the past few months have been so chaotic and crazy that I haven't even had a chance to sit down at the computer... However, this past week resulted in some scary and eye-opening changes for us and Baby H, who is a GIRL by the way!!! Her name will be Campbell Addilyn Hollinhead and she will go by Campbell!!

On Tuesday, I called my doc with concerns about a lot of what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions that weren't hurting, but consistently resulted in my stomach getting hard as a rock a lot. I truly wasn't worried about it, but one of my friends who is also pregnant seemed a little concerned... I have thanked God everyday for her because without her worry, things might be very different right now!

So anyways, I went in to the OB during my lunch break hoping they would just tell me everything was fine and to take it easy a little more. Not exactly what happened!! Following a vaginal exam and ultrasound, both of which came back fine, I was scheduled for a Non-stress test in the office. Right before they strapped me into the monitors, another nurse rushed into the room and informed me that I needed to go straight to Labor and Delivery.... At this point, I was a LITTLE scared, confused, anxious, etc. etc. They were not giving me any information on what was going on, which made it even more scary. I finally broke down and called Clayton to meet me at the hospital, which he was there in less than 5 minutes.

As soon as I got to Labor and Delivery, they hooked me and Campbell up to the non-stress test and said they wanted to monitor me for 2 hours to check for contractions. After about 45 minutes, the OB on call (who I had been seeing in the office before I went to L&D) came in the room and informed me that I was having consistent REAL contractions and that I was going to be admitted.

**Here's a little back story to this... At this point, Clayton had already left the hospital because we thought everything was looking good. The minute I heard I was going to be admitted, he turned right around (hadn't even made it back to work again!) and came to be with me!

At this point, she told me that although I had no cervical changes (my cervix remains closed and long, which is GREAT), she felt Campbell's head pushing a little bit, meaning that she has already dropped. The plan, at this point, was to go ahead and give me some Terbutaline to stop the contractions and go ahead and give Campbell her first dose of steroids to help develop her lungs IF she had to be delivered. At that point, I loudly exclaimed that there would be no delivering any baby any time soon (I am only 24 weeks.... WAAAAY to early for Campbell to make her appearence into this world!!)

It became very evident that the lowest dose of Terbutaline was working right away because my contractions all but stopped.. I still had some signs of an irritable uterus, but no more contractions. Through the rest of my stay (until Wednesday at 1:30ish pm) I rarely had any more contractions, which is a HUGE blessing.

SO OVERALL, here is where we are right now:
-Campbell is VERY healthy!! She is growing right on track, is moving like a wiggle worm all of the time, and had a steady, high heart rate the entire stay in the hospital!
-My cervix remains closed and long.
-Throughout the night, Campbell changed her position and she is no longer putting pressure on my cervix.. HUGE BLESSING!
-I have plenty of amniotic fluid!
-Contractions has mostly stabilized. I will be on Terbutaline probably for the rest of the pregnancy and will take it on an as needed basis for when I feel the contractions come back. Hopefully, this will hold everything off for as long as possible!
-I am on modified bed rest for the rest of the week, but can go back to my job on Monday. However, things have to change for me drastically including no lifting, constantly drinking tons of water, never letting my bladder get too full, never laying on my back, and coming home straight from work and laying around all night.

So what does this mean for me and Campbell??? We don't really know. Everyone said this happens to a lot of women and they end up having no other problems. Then there are the group that delivers early and the contractions just can't be stopped. We are VERY optimistic right now that I have no cervical changes and that the medicine is doing it's job. We are very nervous and in constant prayer that our sweet girl will stay in for a lot longer because she is just not ready to be independent quite yet!!!

We just ask, if you feel led, for prayers for our family, especially for Campbell to stay put for a lot longer. The best odds are for her to make it until 32-34 weeks; however, we want her to stay in all 40!!!! I know God has his plans and we will be taken care of with whatever he chooses; however, I really am hoping that his plans involve a fat and full-term baby that is delivered in March!!!

Sorry so long and I will be better about posting from now on!!! ;)