Saturday, January 30, 2010

Betcha thought I wouldn't come back!

I was kind of thinking the same way! I have just had an apathy for wanting to do a post on this blog. Everytime I signed on so I could catch up on everyone elses blogs, I would literally sigh out loud because the thought of actually writing a post of my own sounded downright miserable. However, I THINK I am coming out of this lull. THINK is the word though... Only time will tell....

So I guess I need to update everyone with the many happenings of the Hollinheads over the post month or so.

1. I started my new job!! YAY!! I started at Children's Hospital of Alabama as an occupational therapist on January 4th. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Thank goodness they have been so great to let me mentor with other therapists and gradually letting me transition into being a tried and true OT. I, now, have my own patients, but still don't have a full schedule. This has definitely helped get me back into things without making me have small anxiety attacks everyday, haha. I am going to be so happy at Children's and love everyone I am working with!! Plus, having an extra paycheck ain't that bad ;) My first paycheck came in the mail last weekend (the first paycheck always has to come in the mail before they do direct deposit), and I was tempted to just hang it on the wall and never cash it... Yeah, that thought went out the window in about 5 seconds.

2. One of my best friends, Meredith Boggs (now Cleveland) got married to the love of her life, Brad!! It has been so special getting to play a part in my friends weddings. I especially feel honored with my high school best friends, who truly are the sisters I never had! We are all so close, although not in distance (2 in Bham, 2 in different parts of North Carolina, 2 in Atlanta, and 1 in New York.)I love these girls more than they will ever know and am so happy for their friendship. Here are some stolen shots (thanks Lelia!) from that weekend.

3. Our house is on the market! I'm not sure if this will stay excitement forever, but right now we are so pumped up! We have been in talks of putting our house on the market for awhile, but really thought it would be smart to wait until I started my job and got my first paycheck (to make sure it was really real, haha.) We have loved our little home for over two years, but are ready to MOVE ON UP! One of the big reasons we are moving is to be closer to family and friends. We currently live in Mount Olive, which is a little north of Birmingham. It really isn't that far from everyone, but it just sucks to make the 30 minute drive all of the time, especially when we eat and hang out with friends (which we do at least 2-3 times a week.) Another reason we are moving is to get some more house! This house has been great for the two of us, but we are looking for more space for the near future. So, just in case some blog reader is looking to buy a home in the Gardendale/Mount Olive area, here is our MLS listing on Realty South!
Our Home for Sale!

We would love it if you would pass our home onto friends who may be interested in buying a great starter home! We are also currently looking for a new house for us! We are primarily narrowing our search to Homewood and Vestavia. So, if you have a home you are selling in these areas, we would love to look as well!