Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Martha Stewart!

I remembered something that I haven't blogged about yet! One of my great friends, Maribeth Andino, and I took a beginners sewing class at the Smocking Bird in Homewood a few weeks ago. The class was a great deal ($60 for 4 sessions, not including your fabric or materials), and was so much fun! As I posted about here , my Nana graciously gave me her VERY NICE sewing machine and all of her sewing supplies that she used for years and years. I was starting to feel like I was wasting such an incredible gift, so I decided that sewing classes were a must. The sewing class at Smocking Bird was great because they teach everything from how to thread your machine, what each piece of your machine does, and how to cut patterns. They started from the basics and added on with each class. Although I still need a little help with certain steps of making an outfit, I feel so much more confident that I did before going to the class (I didn't even know how to turn on the machine!!) So, what you have all been waiting for..... Here is my creation!!

This is a Holly and Hunter pattern, but instead of having the straps with buttons, I substituted them with ribbons! The fabric is a Amy Butler fabric (which I just love!!!) with a pale yellow lining. I was so proud of myself for creating this, especially because it actually looks good! I can't wait for my daughter to wear this dress one day! I will definitely have her monogram on the center of the dress!

In addition to taking a sewing class (which I will continue to take, if anyone is interested in attending with me and Maribeht!), I also took a hairbow-making class one night. I figured, if I was going to make my children clothes, I might as well know how to make the accessories to go with them! Now, I have priced out what it typically cost to buy a little bow at a child store (can be up to $10), and I know that I am not willing to pay that. After taking this class ($25 for a one night class and they provide materials), I now know how to create a good, sturdy bow for about $1!! Can't beat that! I have already made one of my friends about 10 bows (could cost around $80-100 in a store) for less than $10! If anyone is interested in me making them some bows, I would gladly do them for you! Here is a little preview of one of the toddler bows I made... I have measurements for various sized bows from infant all the way to big girls bows!

Once I actually make some more creations (might not be until middle of December) I will definitely post for all to see!


Yes, I have definitely been MIA lately. I honestly have no excuse other than I have had no inspiration to write about. My life has been consumed by work and applying for jobs. But TODAY, I have great news! As of Friday, I am done with my fieldwork!!!!!!! I am no longer considered a student. I thought I would never get to say those words. I feel like grad school has dragged on forever, so I am so excited to finally be done.

So what's my plan now? For the next month (until about December 10), I will be studying for my boards. It will be nice to not have to go to work for awhile, but I am making sure that studying becomes a full-time job. I am also going on some job interviews so I will HOPEFULLY have a job to start in the new year. I don't want to talk too much about where I am interviewing, but I will definitely keep everyone updated on the job hunt. I actually graduate on Saturday, December 12th!!!!!! This is going to be an exciting day because I have worked my booty off and I can finally celebrate it with my family and best friends. THEN, we leave for Disney World the next day!!!!!!

Clayton and I cannot wait to leave for Disney! We have everything planned to a "T" including hotel, parks, and daily reservations for every meal! Hopefully soon, I will do a more detailed post about Disney where all of you can put in your input of something that we might be missing.

In terms of other things in our life.... Clay has been VERY busy with work, Air Force, and class. I think he has been a little overwhelmed this semester with so much on his plate. For example, here is a little preview last week and this week. He works everyday from 7ish to 5:30ish, goes to class on Monday and Tuesdays from 4:30-7, and then has drill both last weekend and this upcoming weekend. That means he will be working a total of 19 days straight without a break. I sure know that I could not handle that schedule; however, I am so greatful that I have such a selfless husband who is willing to do whatever he can for our family. THANKS BABE!

I really can't think of anything else significant to talk about... Obviously, we have a boring life, haha! I have a really important job interview tomorrow (Tuesday) morning that I REALLY needs prayers for. It's my dream job, but I have been having a lot of doubt of whether I will get this job. If you feel led tomorrow, I just ask that you pray for me in that I exude confidence in my skills and am articulate with my words. Thanks!