Monday, September 28, 2009

Monotone Monday

**Because it can't be Wordless Wednesday!!**

These are a few pictures of my little stinker, Caroline, last time we went to Enterprise. Unfortunately, the Kraus's were stationed to Ft. Hood, TX a couple of weeks ago, so our visits with our nieces and bro-in-law and sis-in-law will be less frequent. Enjoy because I always do!!!

Roll Tide Roll and Oh So Sick!

This weekend, Clayton and I went to Tuscaloosa to go to our first game of the season and to celebrate some of our best friends' birthdays! Unfortunately, my body did not agree with the decision and I am seriously suffering because of it. I have been having some sinus problems for about 2 weeks now, and yesterday it just got so much worse! I was having body aches, a fever, headaches, a sore throat, and just felt really weak. This morning when I woke up, I had all of the same symptoms but worse..... Which meant, no work for me. Does anyone else but me feel so guilty when I have to miss work because I am sick??? Probably not because I am such a schoolie, haha. I called into my supervisor who told me that I did not need to come to work because many of our patients are immuno-compromised.

So, off to the doctor!! The good news is: No Swine Flu! The bad news: Another sinus infection (like 4th one this year) with double ear infections. However, after a REQUESTED steroid shot and antibiotics, I am already feeling better, THANK GOODNESS! Now my question for anyone out there who reads my blog and lives in Birmingham... The doc said I need to go to an ENT asap because I have been sick so much.. I NEVER go to the dr., so have no idea of any ENT's Birmingham. Any suggestions???

Back to the weekend! Here are some great pictures from our so-much-fun weekend! I love spending time with all of you and can't wait until our next hang out!

These are some of our best friends. We all always have the greatest time together!! Can't wait until our New Years trip!

I love these girls so much!! This is me, Courtney Henson, Maribeth Andino, and Jean Geohagen.

Another one of the girls, but with Kathryn Garrison on the end!

**Just wanted to write a special thank you to Kathryn for letting 11 people stay at your apartment this weekend. I know we were a handful!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can find me in St. Louis... and Disney World for that matter

As I am sure you can guess, we are going to be taking a few trips over the next few months! I am SOOOO excited about them that I just have to take a second to talk about them.

Picture taken from
First up, St. Louis, MO to visit my brother and sister-in-law! My brother and sis-in-law were not going to be able to come home for Thanksgiving because they will be there the week before for Galen's (my bro) best friend's wedding. Instead of doing our normal Tupelo, MS trip, my parents thought it would be a great idea to visit Galen and Katie in St. Louis for Thanksgiving! We leave Wednesday early morning and come back late on Friday. Unfortunately, Clayton will not be able to attend. As a result of his new responsibility at his job, which are are VERY THANKFUL for, he has to go in the Friday after Thanksgiving to manage over his department. He is very sad that he won't spend Thanksgiving with us, but he is having his mom, dad, and little sister to our house to have a small celebration. My mom is going to cook "real" Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday afternoon to make up for us not being together. I am so excited to see where Galen and Katie live and to travel to that part of the US!

Onto the next trip: DISNEY WORLD!!!!! YAY!!! Since I started OT school, Clayton has promised me that we would go on any trip I wanted when I graduated. We have been going back and forth on the best options, but finally decided that Disney World was it! We are both like kids in a candy store and have been constantly talking, planning, and obsessing about it for the past week. More details to come closer to the trip, but we will be staying at Port Orleans Resort and leaving the day after I graduate, December 13th. We had a couple of factors that helped us make this decision.First, the military rates that they are offering are AMAZING!!! As I have posted about before, there are many perks to being a military family! Second, we decided that we wanted to visit Disney before we have children so we can experience it with an adult mindset (i.e. staying at the parks during the extended hours, nice restaurants every night, and a little bit of the adult nightlife ;)

If anyone has any tips or advice on things we MUST see, places we MUST eat, or anything else at Disney, please post!! We have already gotten some great recommendations from friends, but would love more!

Long Week

I have truly been avoiding posting on this blog for the past week. There is really no reason except for the fact that I have had not a lot to write about and the thought of doing writing for "fun" didn't seem so fun after a long day of writing at work. However, here I am! Back for my spontaneous updates that never have a rhyme or reason.

This week has been especially hard for me because Clayton has had to be at drill in Montgomery since last Thursday. He came home for the night on Monday and Tuesday, but was so exhausted from having to work nights that he just zonked out when he got home. It's amazing how much I take him for granted when he is home. Some nights, we will retreat to our own little havens (mine is frequently the computer and his is either playstation or cleaning.... I'm a lazy wife... sue me.) Since he has left, all I have been craving is to cuddle with someone! I guess you can say that we are very affectionate people that crave each other's touch (don't think rated R here!) I just feel so out of it when he goes out of town. THANK GOODNESS he will be back tomorrow for good. I know he is ready for a break (he has worked three weeks straight with no weekend break....) What he does for our family!!!

On top of me missing him like crazy, his absence has also caused me a little bit of inconvience. Let me start from the beginning. On Wednesday morning, I was running a little bit late for work. Typically, I get to my parking spot by 7:20ish so I can get into work by 7:45. I do NOT park very close to the hospital, so I have to account in extra time to walk a few blocks. Anyways, I digress... I got to my spot around 7:30 and was rushing out of my car so I wouldn't be late. Halfway on my walk to the hospital, I realized that I left my trusty cellphone that I go NOWHERE without in the seat of my car..... Of course I trotted by to my car to get it. Because I was starting to get anxious about being late, I wasn't thinking and set everything down and.....LOCKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR......... with my lunch..... and my breakfast.... and my purse. But don't you worry. I had that dang cellphone in my hand!!

At this point, I was just so overwhelmed with being late, being sad that Clay was gone, and being annoyed by the ugly weather that I just started to cry. Not little cries but sobbing, haha. I call Clay and tell him my predicament and he basically tells me that he is just getting out of the shower and has no access to a computer and can't possibly bring me my spare set of keys. I am SOO mad that he isn't fixing the situation (because isn't that what husbands are for? Fixing things?) that I start screaming and crying at him as I am, literally, running to the hospital.... Because, remember, I have to be at work by 7:45. I was a sight to see as I was running down University Blvd., in the rain, crying and screaming, with Bozo hair..... Oh I haven't mentioned the Bozo hair yet? Yes, my hair tends to frizz in the rain and when I sweat. I finally hang up and call my mom, who straightens me out with "Why are you crying? Get a hold of yourself, Elise!" She reminds me that UAB police can unlock my car for free (gee.. why didn't I think about this in the midst of my breakdown) and looks up the number for me.

At this point, Clayton has called my dad because neither I nor my mother will pick up the cellphone. He has decided that he is going to leave Montgomery to come help me (what an amazing husband, but not a very smart decision.) My dad sets him straight and tells him I will be fine and to go to work. I finally get in touch with the police and they tell me that they will unlock my car for me..... IF I meet them at my car in 8 minutes. In my head, I'm thinking CRAP, there is NO way I can make it back to my car in 8 minutes (at this point, I'm at the hospital and it's past 7:45 and it takes me ~15 minutes to get back to my car) Seeing I am distressed, my supervisor shoos me out the door and tells me to take care of this...... After all is said and done, I made it to my car in 10 minutes after a long run (I DON't run or exercise), got my car unlocked, and made it back into work to treat my first patient at 9:00..... And yes, my hair was remininicent to my middle school days with no hope of salvaging.

The rest of the week definitely could not top the excitement of my Wednesday morning!! All I have to say about this week is: CLAYTON, PLEASE HURRY HOME!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am totally shocked right now. I have officially purchased the best deal of my lifetime (hopefully, it's not a scam!) The deal I just got really seems too good to be true!!!

Go to

When you get to this page, type in either your city or zip code and it will pull up several restaurants to choose from. From here, you select gift cards to purchase. Normally, you pay $10 for a $25 gift card. HOWEVER, until Sunday (9/13)they are offering 90% off all gift cards, which makes these cards SOOO CHEAP. In order to get this deal, you have to type in NINETY in the discount code box. For example, if you want a $25 gift card that is normally $10, you are getting it for $1.00!!!

I just purchased $215 worth of gift cards for $8.60. You really can't get a better than that.

If you are reading this, it is worth your time to drop everything and go take advantage of this deal. You will thank me later!!