Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too long!!

One day I will regularly post on this blog. Until then, I will just have to stick to my weekly updates. Here's what's been going on in the H house:
- I started my second level II fieldwork this past Monday...... Let's just say that is it COMPLETELY different than my last one. I am at Spain Rehabilitation Center in the outpatient clinic, which I was unaware of until I got there the first day. Things got mixed up in the process and I thought I was supposed to be in Acute Care... Oh well. I have felt the least prepared for this fieldwork than I have ever felt with anything during OT school. HOWEVER, it will be a great learning experience and will really prepare me for my boards in December. Another good thing is, my 2 CIs (yes I have two CIs again!!) are great! They are so laid back and seem to really enjoy teaching me. Just to orient everyone to what I do everyday, here are some pictoral representations of some of the things I do everyday!

This is called Fluidotherapy. It's a thermal modality that circulates ground up corn cobs through warm air! One way you can use it is to decrease pain.

This is kinesiotaping! I had never been exposed to this in OT school, so it has been really interesting to learn! A lot of pro athletes use this as well, which is really cool. You can use this type of taping method to facilitate or inhibite muscles, stabilize a joint, or decrease edema or lymphadema. This tape is different from athletic tape, in that it has the qualities of human skin!

This is electrical stimulation (otherwise known as: E-stim). I have used this a lot for a lot of different patients including spinal cord injuries, weak muscles, and for pain.

This is an ultrasound machine (different than the ones that OB's use.) We use this a good bit too. When you use the ultrasound in combination with topical drugs, it's called phonophoresis.

Betcha didn't think you would have an OT lesson today, did you? =) I do a whole lot more, but thought these would be mildly interesting for everyone who reads my blog!

-Clay started school on Tuesday at UAB for his MBA. When asked how school was, he said, "I mean, it's school... It's class." Such a man answer. He says he doesn't think it will be too bad. I had him all prepared for his first day with labeled binders filled with loose-leaf paper, different pens and highlighters, and his books (which I went and got for him, thank you very much!)

-Bella has been licking the top of her paws soooo bad lately. It has gotten to the point where they are bleeding and look really infected. I have tried to keep them clean and put medicine on them, but she just licks her paws all day while we are gone. While we are home, she wears a cone around her head, but we can't leave it on her while we are gone... Charlotte gets a little nervous while Bella is wearing it and they tend to get close to fighting..... ANY suggestions would be great on how to decrease her licking. We are to the point where we are going to take her to the vet to get prescribed doggy Valium. PLEASE GIVE ADVICE!!!!

I think that is everything that is going on with us lately. Not very interesting, but definitely important milestones! Stay tune for my new, blog addition compliments of my best friends Katie Furr (Lil' Diddy), Meredith Boggs (Lil' Bitty), and Dana Moore (Lil' Knitty).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Because some special girls have been neglected!

Just to remind everyone of the two loves of our lives!

Bella's favorite "play" position!

Our two angels (haha, yeah right!)

Our girls with their favorite toys. For anyone out there with big dogs who constantly tear up dog toys, these are the toys you need to get! This is the first toy that has actually held up for our dogs. They are made by Nylabone, and were around $10 each. That may sound like a lot, but it is worth the money! They lasted a good 6-8 months... Unfortunately, they had to be thrown away this past week because a certain yellow lab figured out how to rib the white bone part off... and getting blood everywhere!!

My most favorite picture EVER!!! This was there first experience with a cat (taken with Alison's new cat!) I can't tell if they are wanting to play or wanting to eat it!

The result of going out of town for 3 weekends....

What happens when go out of town for three weekends in a row.....and when both members of the family work until 6:30 every night.......

Just to clarify:
1. That is 7, count em, 7 loads of laundry... done in one day.... by myself.

2. In case you can't tell, that is a chair underneath all of that laundry. I can't wait to see my favorite red chair again!!

Thank goodness I love to do laundry! One question though... What's going to happen when we have baby clothes to add to these piles?!?! Something tells me that I will have to do laundry more than once a week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's new?!?

It seems like my opportunities for posting has become weekly, instead of daily as I would like. Instead of creating multiple posts on our most recent events, I thought I would just do a big week wrap up! So what has been happening with the Hollinheads lately......
Last weekend, Clay and I went on a short beach trip with my family (including my brother and sister-in-law who live in St. Louis!!) to Destin, FL. It was definitely a short weekend, but oh so great! We spent plenty of time lounging in the sun, doing some pleasure reading, eating at nice restaurants, and doing quite a bit of drinking (haha!! You can't go to the beach without indulging in some beachy cocktails!!) It was so great spending time with Galen and Katie, who we NEVER get to see. It's a selfish wish that they would move closer to our family so our future children can know each other and be close, but I just don't think that will ever happen. We were informed last weekend that they want to travel out of the country for awhile, maybe move even further West.... I'll admit that I was really upset, but everyone wants different things for their life! Hopefully, both of our families can try to make it more of a priority to see each other more often (and not just twice a year... I know you are reading this Galen and Katie!!) =) Of course, Clay and I forgot to charge our camera battery the entire time we were there, so the only pics I have are on Mom's camera... If I ever get those pictures, then I will surely post them.

One HUGE thing that is happening this week is... it's my last week at Children's Hospital! =( I am SOO sad that I can't even explain. I never thought I would be so upset leaving a fieldwork site where I don't even get paid!! I have loved everyone I have worked with. On top of that, I have loved all of the children that I have grown so close to. This fieldwork has definitely solidified my decision to work with pediatrics, whereas before I wasn't 100% sold on the idea. I am hoping against all hope that a job position will open up and I will be considered for an interview. This is one of my greatest prayer requests at the moment. I really feel like I could be an influential occupational therapist in the setting, and would love the opportunity to work there. If you feel led, please lift this prayer up for me!

Let's see.... Something exciting for Clay and I (probably no one else though, haha) is we have started a new Bible study! Clay and I are on our third week of The Love Dare (from the movie, Fireproof.) It has been so fun and so important to learn about each other again and put more effort towards our relationship. Both of us have agreed that it has already worked wonders for our relationship and reminded us how important it is to put it first in all that we do(well... except for our relationship with God!!) For any couple out there who are interested in doing this study, it is well worth the time. We are already understanding each other on a deeper level than we ever have, never have fights/tiffs anymore (this book has helped us realize why we fight and how to solve them with love).... IT IS JUST GREAT!!! I will keep everyone updated on our progress throughout the next 6 weeks.

Next weekend is a huge weekend for us!! We are celebrating our 3rd, YES 3RD, wedding anniversary in Savannah, GA. Our anniversary is actually not until September 2nd, but this is my only time off until December. We are going for 5 days, which I am so thrilled about! We already have everything planned including outings, restaurants, shops, etc. I can't wait to just spend some time in a nice hotel and focus 100% on my husband!!! If anyone has been to Savannah and wants to offer up some last minute advice on what we HAVE to do while we are there, PLEASE feel free!!! We are always loving to hear other people's opinions.

I think this gets me pretty well caught up in our life. I am procrastinating cleaning and getting Clay's oil changed today, so this definitely helped accomplish that! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!