Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

So I was reading my best friend's blog and she had this great idea to do "Wish List Wednesday!" It got me thinking of the things I wish for right now, so I wanted to make my own list. Also, I wanted to prove to my few readers that I am not, in fact, dead.... Just really busy with work and life! So onto MY wish list:
*To have graduated and have a real, salary producing, JOB!
*For my house to be on the market at this very second.
*That Clay and I could REALLY be looking for a new house and get to buy it!
*For the weekend to have 3 days, not 2.... Too much to do and too little time!
*For all of my student loans to be payed off (and Clayton's if I want to really wish! haha!
*.....To be pregnant! We are both sooo ready for a baby, but life isn't quite as ready as we are.
*For Clay to get his B-hiney home so we can EAT! I'm starvin!
*For the Gosselin's to try and work out their marriage.

I think that is an appropriate segway into my latest sadness. I have had multiple requests to share my thoughts on the Gosselin divorce, seeing that I am one of their biggest fans out there (Really.... I think I might be in the top 10). I know, I know... They are a TV family and I really don't know them from Adam. However, I have been really sad for them this week. If you are in the dark (and live in a cave!, then let me fill you in on the latest Gosselin drama. On Monday, Kate filed for divorce from Jon, and the show has officially been put on hold for the time being. What makes me so sad about the situation is their constant comments that "We have been and always will put the children first." When a couple begins to put their child before their marriage, the bond will never be as strong and will lead to problems. I think if they would have taken time away from the show and focused solely on their relationship, maybe their marriage could have worked out. I truly am sad for their children.... From personal experience, I know what it feels like for parents to split up and feel like you are from a broken household. It leads to serious repercussions in future intimate and close relationships and can create trust issues for the children... I only hope that Jon and Kate are investing some of those millions into therapy for the children.... There is my spill...