Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Day at Disney!! :(

Our last day at Disney, we went to Magic Kingdom during the day and then went back to Epcot that night after dinner! We weren't able to do everything we wanted to at Magic Kingdom on our first day, so it was vital that we went back. It was so much better our second time around because we weren't as stressed trying to go to every ride! Here are some pictures of our last day!
Welcome to Mickey's Toontown!

Minnie's House!!

Oh.... Just doing a little pottery at Minnie's.....

Oh the weather outside is frightful!! Thank goodness for Minnie's fire!

Pete's Garage... Don't know who Pete is, but here's his garage.

I'm so obsessed with sewing that I borrowed Minnie's sewing machine to make her some clothes!

Mosing over to Mickey's house..

Here is his shopping list... Isn't that funny... A mouse like cheese? haha....

Even Mickey decorated for Christmas!

Mickey's wardrobe! He has plenty extra gloves!

Mickey's bedroom!

A Mickey-style pumpkin!

Can't go to Disney World and not get a picture with Mickey and Minnie!!

It's a Small World!!!

Clayton loved Briar Rabbit and Briar Bear growing up, so this picture is for him!

Country Bear Jamborbee!

The Tiki Room show of birds!

We had dinner reservations at Yachtman's Steakhouse, which was SOOO GOOD. Both of us love a good steak (I would say so, since I had 4 during that week!) Here are some pictures of us from the restaurant!

**After dinner, we went back to Epcot to grab a few bottles of wine for ourselves and for gifts, as well as space food for my younger cousins. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures while at Epcot because the weather was bad, my knee was hurting, and it was so crowded!!

We had such a great time at Disney World, and it was definitely a great decision to go there. We went back and forth on whether we should go to a more "grown-up" location for my graduation trip or to go to Disney World. I am so glad we stuck with our instincts and went to Disney. You can definitely make it a "grown-up" trip by doing nice dinners, staying up late, trying different wines and beers, and just having a great time. I am so glad we did this BEFORE we had children so we could really experience Disney World on our own. For anyone who is looking for a fun trip, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!

The Osborne Light Show at Hollywood Studios!

After we ate dinner at Brown Derby, we headed over to the section of Hollywood Studios that featured the Osborne Light Show. This light show was created by a family who used to make these incredible light shows at their own home! When they got too big for the towns liking, Disney contacted them and asked them to decorate Hollywood Studios every year! Check out some of the incredible lights!

Wasn't that beautiful!!! Last up, our last day where we went back to Magic Kingdom during the day and Epcot at night. Finally, my last Disney post!! ;)

Day 5: Hollywood Studios

I'm wondering if yall are as sick of reading these posts about Disney World as I am writing them. I feel like it is taking me FOREVER to write about all of these days! I know I will appreciate it later so I can remember every detail of this trip, but MAN it is not fun to write about!

**I also forgot to write about dinner on our fourth night! We didn't take any pictures (which probably means we were enjoying the food a little TOO much!) We ate at Jiko: The Cooking Place, which is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is a fusion of African, Indian, and Mediterranean flavors! I was definitely nervous about this food because I typically don't like to try new things; however, Clay and I made a deal that we would step outside our box on this trip. I LOVED IT!!! I had a chicken meal with an African flair. This is definitely a place to eat at if you go to Disney (maybe not the setting for children though!)

Okay, so onto Hollywood Studios. This was the first day that the weather wasn't near perfect. There were scattered showers all day and it was pretty cloudy. I think this helped a lot of the lines though because we never sat in a line (actually, we rarely had to wait on ANY lines throughout the trip! This is a great week to go!) On with the pictures!
Two of the best rides in all of Disney World: Rockin' Rollercoaster (the Aerosmith ride) and Tower of Terror (although Clay thought it was lame....)

The Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground! No, we aren't kids, but we did have a lot of fun! You can also see the result of the week: a knee injury... I have been to the dr. since Disney and he thinks it's just tendonitis, but maybe a meniscus tear... I will keep yall updated!

A film canister!

Clay sticking his hand in the dog's nose! YUCK! ;)


Do yall remember Super Soakers? We had a few when I was growing up!

Clay and I!

Barrel of Monkeys and the monkeys all hung together! Isn't that cute!

Indiana Jones Show!

We had lunch at 50's Prime Time Diner! It was so unhealthy, but soooo good! Just check out my dessert!!

The love of my life... ;)

The behind the movie set ride... or something like that...

THE BEST RIDE IN ALL OF DISNEY WORLD!!! The Toy Story Ride!!! Isn't the set incredible!

Star Wars Ride...

The organ from Pirates of the Caribbean!

The Lights, Motor, Action Stunt Show! So awesome!!!

The Little Mermaid Show!

We had dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby. We had heard rave recommendations about this restaurant, but really were a little disappointed. I mean, it was good, but not great. Guess it's all about the experience!

**Our night didn't end there, but I'm going to do a separate post on it. Overall, we loved Hollywood Studios, but I don't think it was our favorite. I'm not sure if it was the weather or it was getting towards the end of the week and we were just ready to be home. Either way, Magic Kingdom took the prize for best park!