Friday, September 26, 2008

Some favorites...

After reading my best friend's post on decorating for Christmas, I decided that I wanted to make a similar post on some of my favorite decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving! If you know me at all, you know that my favorite holiday of all time is Halloween! I love the spooky decorations, fall colors, and watching scary movies! If I could have an infinite budget, I would love to decorate my house with so many Halloween and fall decorations! So without further adeu, here are some decorations that I would love to have or am going to get!

I absolutely love this pumkin door hanger. It is a great replacement for the usual wreath! This is from Ballards. (So are the wrought iron pumpkins!)

This is a great doormat that can be used all throughout the fall season. You can get it at World Market (I'm going to get it tonight!)
I absolutely love this berry wreath. It's from Pier 1!
This cornacopia is great and would look great on a dining room or kitchen table. Around Halloween, you can fill it with different sized and shaped pumpkins! This is from Pier 1!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Endeavor!

Today was a very big day for me! I started a Level I fieldwork today at UAB hospital in Acute Care. This is a big deal for me because I have mostly done all of my OT experience with children, so working with adults is pretty foreign to me. As most people know, I did my last fieldwork with Dave Bledsoe, who does industrial rehab. That fieldwork was definitely a lot more layed back than my current fieldwork at the hospital. I was constantly on the go today, visiting various rooms all over the hospital. I got to see everything including amputations, organ transplants, COPD, MRSA (yuck!), CIDP, MI....just everything! It definitely the best learning experience I have ever had and was so high paced! I am loving it already and think this may change my opinion about always working with children.....well, maybe not quite!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Living room and do...

I forgot to put up a picture of my living room so you can help me decide about how I should redo the gossip table. Here it is! These are pretty old, so there are some changes. However, the general color scheme is still the same. So what do you think?

By the way, in my last post I put due instead of do... I know this is very stupid to post about, but I hate when people are writing something and use the wrong form/spelling of a word.... I'm a dork!

Update on life!

I know it's been awhile since I have posted, but life has been so busy! Since my last post, everything drastically changed from the plans I posted on. Here is an overview of the events of the past two weeks:
  • The Air Force people (umm... don't really know what to call them, haha!) called Clayton on Monday, September 15th, and told him that he needed to be in Montgomery the next morning! We suspected this was going to happen after cancelling his trip to DC. Despite the fact that he was able to go to his two week drill (which we really wanted for monetary reasons), he really was not looking forward to going to The Gump...He spends one weekend a month in Montgomery for his traditional drill requirements, and dreads it every month.

  • Clay is still in Montgomery and will be there until next Tuesday. In case anyone is curious, I have been VERY scared every night that he has been gone and have not gotten much sleep. Things just seem to be louder at night huh?

  • This weekend, I drove to Montgomery to see Clay and make a stop at the Eastbrook Flea Market (THANKS MELISSA!) It was definitely a worthwhile trip! Not only did I get to spend some much needed time with my husband, but I also got to get some great pieces of furniture for our house!

This first piece of furniture is an end table for our office! We are slowly but surely trying to fix up each room in the house. Right now, we are working on fixing up the office and we really needed an end table to put next to the chair and ottoman in there. This table will definitely do the trick! All we need now is a lamp to put on top of it!

Our next piece of furnituer that we bought is my all time favorite! This is a gossip table! It was used a long time ago as a storing spot for a phone, and when someone called you, you could sit on the little chair built into it! It is the cutest piece of furniture I have ever seen and just fell in love with it at first glance! Clayton was a little unsure of it, but I know it will make a great addition to our house! It definitely needs a little work (paint and recovering of the chair cushion). What do yall think? Should I paint it chocolate brown or black? Also, should I make the cushion red and cream/yellow checks, brown and cream checks, or black and cream checks? I am going to put a picture of my living room so you can help to make the decision!
  • Today has actually been a pretty terrible day for me. My day started off with a really hard, essay test that was like 8 pages long. But guess what? I only got to the beginning of the 4th page! So, I started off the day only finishing half of a test and crying as I turned it in. Next, we had a speaker during our lunch break, which meant no break. I DESPERATELY needed that break to calm my nerves, but had to just make due. Finally, the day ended with a surprise visit to the VA to give interview on vets with low vision. This would have been fine, but we got lost in the process and the man we interviewed wasn't really nice... I just really am ready to go to sleep and let this day be over!

So that has been our life for the past 2 weeks! I promise I'll update more!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So frustrating...

Don't you hate it when people change plans at the last minute? Don't you hate it even more when you were depending on those plans and had made some life decisions based on those plans? UHHH I DO!

Clayton was supposed to leave for Washington DC tomorrow morning to do his two week drill for the Air Force. They called him TODAY at 1:00ish to tell him that he would no longer be going to drill. Who waits until the day before you leave to tell you that you can't go? He has already bought his plane ticket, booked his hotel, and made plans to take off work! Despite both of us being very happy that we won't be apart for 2 weeks, we are very unhappy with this change in plans.

...the nerve of some people....


Today is a day that all of will reflect on until the day we die. Whenever someone mentions September 11, 2001 you will always think back to where you were, what you were doing, and who you knew that could be involved in the act of terrorism that day. Seven years ago, America lost thousands of brave citizens who just thought their day would be normal. Since that day, we have continued to lose more Americans in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. No matter our political beliefs and our view on our current president, we should be so grateful for the protection and freedom that our military has given us through their sacrifice.

Although he has never been to war or gone over seas, I still want to thank my husband for his commitment to our country. He has sacrificed many friendships, opportunities, and typical young adult experiences to be able to train and be a part of the United States Air Force.
Thank you to all members of our armed forces for all that they have given us the past seven years. I also want to thank all of the FAMILIES of these soldiers for their sacrifice! These individuals have had to live without their loved one for months and years at a time. Thank you for contributing to our freedom as well.

**By the way, please excuse this picture, haha. It was the only one I could find at the moment with Clay in his uniform!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Continuation of Anniversary Fun!

DISCLAIMER: This is a very cheesy and detailed post. If you don't care about details from our anniversary, then I would skip this post! I am really just writing it so I can remind myself for future years!

Okay! I'm back to include details! If you remember, we decided to go to the beach for our big anniversary gift to each other. We had to go a month early though because of my school schedule (yes, school messes up EVERYTHING!) I have already told yall about our great time there, so there is no need to go back into it!

So for the actual day, we didn't go on a big trip again or anything. Instead, we went to dinner at the Melting Pot last night and man oh man, it didn't disappoint!!! We both agreed that it was the best dinner we have ever had! We got a 4 course dinner that included a cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue, and a dessert platter. All of it was great, but the dessert was the best thing I have ever put into my mouth (Clay agrees.) If you have some extra money sitting around....a good big of extra HAVE to go there.

Now onto our presents! Clay and I decided shortly after we got married that we wanted to honor the traditional ideas for getting each other anniversary gifts. We just agreed that it made it special and fun to have to think about gifts that correspond with the material/thing that each anniversary is assigned... Okay.. that sentence sounded stupid so I will just give you an example, haha! For our first anniversary, we got each other gifts that involve paper. I got Clay tickets to a Braves game in Atlanta and Clay sent me a postcard from Charleston telling me that he had planned a trip to Charleston for a long weekend. He didn't actually write the postcard. The lady who owned the bed and breakfast wrote it for him and sent it to me (but he had told her what to write.) I feel like I am not making it sound as special as it was, but it was one of the most romantic gifts I have ever received. It was just so special that he planned an entire trip by himself without me even having a clue!

Okay, so for this year. For a second anniversary, the gift should be cotton. For my gift to Clay, I knew I needed to be practical because he really needed a new pair of dress shoes for work. So I gave him some dress socks with a note inside that explained that we would go shopping for some new shoes! Not very creative, but sometimes you have to abandon sweetness and just go for practical! We went shopping on Monday and he got some beautiful Cordovan Cole Haan loafers! For me, Clay was, as always, so thoughtful. I have said since we dated how sweet I think it is when a guy gives the girl a dress that he picked out himself for her to wear for a fancy date. I don't know why I love that idea so much, but it just sounds very romantic. Well.... he surprised me on Monday night with.......... A BEAUTIFUL DRESS! He had spent a few weeks looking for the "perfect dress" and he definitely found it! I will post pictures later of us on our date (where I wore the dress.)

Overall, it was a great 2nd anniversary and I can honestly say I am more in love with Clay today than I ever knew I could be!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

700 and a little bit of cotton!

I will do a longer post in the next few days, but just wanted to write a short blurp about how special today was for Clayton and me. Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary!! 700 days ago today, we were professing our love for each other and becoming our own family in front of our family and friends. I hate to be too cheesy, but our wedding was definitely the best day of my life thus far. I'm not going to lie and say that everything has been newlywed bliss and everything that comes out of our mouth is love (we all have our tiffs!) But I can say that Clayton has made me a better woman than I ever would have been if I wouldn't have met him. I know for a fact that all of life's experiences would never be as special, fun, or full of love if I didn't have my best friend to share them with me. Since the day we have gotten married, I have thanked God everyday for bringing him to me. Love you babe!

Okay okay.... Enough of that mushy gushy stuff! When I have some more time (and not starting homework at 9:30 at night), I will go into more details of our gifts for each other and our celebrations! Until then, I will leave you with a picture from our wedding two years ago!