Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prayer Request

About three weeks ago, my grandfather went to have a heart catheterization and ended up having a surprise triple bypass. He is still in the hospital with complications and was recently moved back to the ICU for breathing problems. I just wanted to ask friends to pray for him and his strength. For those of you who many not remember, this is the grandfather that married Clayton and me and is so special to my family. Thanks so much for your prayers!

I can't freakin believe it....

Just wanted to throw this out there that I haven't been this excited in awhile! Clayton and I went to this Japanese restaurant in Gardendale tonight named Bento II because I was hoping against hope that it was related to the Bento in Tuscaloosa (that I love so much!) AND GUESS WHAT?!?! It is the sister restaurant to Bento in Tuscaloosa! For anyone in Birmingham who shares my love of Bento, it is the exact same food and the same owner... This may be a stupid post for many, but I have been craving Bento for almost two years..... Yay for yummy Japanese food!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Addition!

...As I'm writing this, I am laughing out loud to Clayton because I know everyone thinks we are pregnant and that is the new addition. Haha! I am actually talking about having a new sister after this weekend! For y'all who do not know, my brother, Galen, is getting married this weekend! I am so excited about welcoming Katie to the family and having another sister-in-law. Katie is so great for Galen because she brings out his sensitive side, while also encouraging him to always have fun. They love to do exciting things together and are always challenging each other. I can't wait to spend many years watching them grow as a couple and develop their own family! Pictures will be added after the weekend!

Mel's last weekend of singledom!

This weekend my best friend, Melissa Boehm, had her bachelorette party in Nashville, TN. We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Opryland Hotel from Friday until Sunday and had the greatest time.

We began the weekend by spending large amounts of money (sorry Clayton!) at the spa in the hotel. We all got pedicures, spent time in the sauna, got to take a shower with a rain fall shower head, and many more things! It was the nicest afternoon I have ever experienced and felt VERY privilaged to get to have so much fun with great friends!

We also went to a few great restaurants including Cabana's, where Carrie Underwood has been spotted ( I know.... I have an obsession with celebrity gossip!)

Our first night out, we got to hit the nightlife in a limo!
Overall, it was such a fun weekend to celebrate Melissa's upcoming wedding and spend much needed time with girlfriends! I never allow myself time to hang out with friends because I am studying, but I really realized how important it is to give myself some leisure time and stay connected with the people I love. Thanks for such a great weekend, Mel! I love you!